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The multilayered composite wound dressing comprises of a semipermeable membrane, a permeable supporting and reinforcing layer, and a non-stick, self-sealing biodegradable tissue interface. The semipermeable membrane may be a synthetic collagen, an alginate or a biocompatible polymer and it controls ...

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Moisture vapour transmitting wound dressings are described which comprise (a) a conformable backing layer which has an adhesive on one of its surfaces and in which at least one of the backing layer and adhesive layer is continuous so as to provide a barrier both to bacteria and to liquid water when ...

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A foot retaining device in a ski boot comprises a pressure element arranged within an outer shell of the ski boot at the neck area of the user's foot, and a cable embracing the pressure element and having one end fixed to the outer shell and another end wound on a winding reel operable by a knob acc ...

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A depilation device includes a laser beam generator (15) embodied in a hand gun (20) with a trigger (19) enabling pulses of laser energy to be delivered along a flexible fibre optic probe (13) which has a bore in the end which can fit over a hair to be destroyed. At the end of the bore the optic is ...

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1. A plate for forming successive layers of a stack of palettised receptacles having necks, comprising a sheet having indents, each indent forming at its centre on a first surface of the sheet a socket capable of receiving the rim of the neck of receptacles of a lower layer, and at its periphery on ...

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Porte-cibles à balayage mécanique. Le dispositif comprend plusieurs supports de cibles (6, 8) montés sur un plateau (2) mobile en rotation autour d'un axe (XX') et des moyens de déplacement des supports par rapport au plateau (2) agencés de telle sorte que l'incrément de déplacement radial d'un supp ...

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In a method of joining webs, the webs 48, 48b are overlapped and cut together, a cut-off portion (48a or 48d) is removed from the region of the cut, and adhesive material (119) is applied to marginal portions of the webs adjacent the cut to effect the join. The webs are stationary and a splicing hea ...

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Nouveaux dérivés de l'amino-3 quinuclidine de formule: dans laquelle X = soufre ou oxygène; R = H, alkyle ou benzyle; et Ar = phényle substitué ou pyrimidinyle substitué. Ces nouveaux dérivés sont utilisables en thérapeutique dans le domaine du système digestif.

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La présente invention concerne un procédé de fabrication de polyoléfines comportant, d'une part, une étape de prépolymérisation par mise en contact d'alpha-oléfines avec un système catalytique de type Ziegler comprenant un catalyseur solide à base essentiellement de mangnésium, de métal de transitio ...