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A one-piece, self-locking, molded plastic staple useful as a tissue fixation device in surgical procedures. The staple has opposed, pointed, L-shaped legs hinged to a horizontal bridging member having expanding cam surfaces on each end. Each leg has an extending cam follower which traverses the cam ...

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Digitally encoded data such as classified advertising and other data bases of similarly related messages are broadcast on a serial-type digital data transmission system. Each message is preceded by a headnote, structured so that upon reception, the receiver can select messages based upon a combinati ...

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An activity sensor mounted within the pacer detects the general activity level of the patient and alters the escape interval of the pacer between a preset minimum and maximum in response to the detected activity level of the patient.

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New sorbent sheet products are prepared comprising a coherent web of entangled blown fibers prepared by extruding liquid fiber-forming material into a high-velocity gaseous stream and an array of super absorbent polymeric particles dispersed within the web.

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A method is described for the confinement and isolation of waste materials, especially those that are toxic or otherwise hazardous such as radioactive wastes. The waste material, either contained or uncontained, is emplaced in a underground or surface excavation and encased with backfill or barrier ...

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A surgical system and apparatus which includes a handpiece with an ultrasonic motor for driving a needle or other instrument with ultrasound and further including a cutting tube or rotary motor that is mounted within the needle such that the tube can cut material which passes through openings in the ...

David B Kay: Optical scanning system with wavelength shift correction. Xerox Corporation, January 31, 1984: US04428643 (183 worldwide citation)

A spot scanning holographic spinner system incorporates an optical element in the optical path to provide compensation for wavelength shifts in the coherent light source. The device is located in a plane parallel to the spinner and consists of a diffraction grating having the same properties as grat ...

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An ink jet type recording apparatus is disclosed which comprises a carriage slide movable along a shaft, a recording head for jetting recording liquid in response to an electric signal, a subsidiary container for supplying the recording liquid to the recording head and a main container connected wit ...

Antonio Mendez: Glaucoma treatment device. Hugh D Jaeger, January 31, 1984: US04428746 (146 worldwide citation)

Glaucoma treatment device for surgical implant for the treatment and management of glaucoma. The glaucoma treatment device includes a single continuous length of cylindrical member having two ends substantially in a first plane and angled slightly inwards toward each other, two smaller loops having ...

Barry R Ellman: Surgical bag for splenorrhaphy. January 31, 1984: US04428375 (135 worldwide citation)

A surgical net bag for encapsulating a fractured organ during surgical repair. The bag is provided with multiple drawstrings to aid in conforming the bag to the organ for applying thereto substantially uniform pressure to obtain hemostasis. The bag is especially useful for surgical repair of fractur ...