Harney Marilyn J, Sane Ajit Y, Vauss Elvin M Jr: Reticulated refractory metal structure and method for making.. Eltech Syst, January 25, 1984: EP0099337-A2 (93 worldwide citation)

A self-supporting reticulate of titanium hydride (TiH2) is formed by slurry-coating an open cell organic synthetic resinous material, or other pore-former, and eliminating the carbon-containing components of binder and/or solvent, viscosity modifiers, thickening agents, and the like at a temperature ...

Marte Leo: Spray or dosage pump.. Pfeiffer Erich & Co Kg, January 25, 1984: EP0098939-A2 (68 worldwide citation)

The cylindrical pump housing (13) which may be screwed on top of a bottle carries a stack of discs (22) above which projects the piston rod (15) of the pump. A cylindrical skirt (17) forming a cap (11), extends downwards from a flat top with a central opening connected by a side outlet to a dispensi ...

Matsumoto Hirofumi: Panel keyboard electrical switch. Nippon Mektron, January 25, 1984: GB2123213-A (56 worldwide citation)

A panel keyboard comprising a switch sheet (17) having a pattern of contacts (14) spaced by insulating spacers (11) from a base portion (10) also having a pattern of contacts (12). The corresponding contact pairs (14,12) are engageable with each other upon application of pressure to the switch sheet ...

Masuda Ikuro, Kato Kazuo, Sasayama Takao, Nishio Yoji, Kuboki Shigeo, Iwamura Masahiro: Gate circuit of combined field-effect and bipolar transistors.. Hitachi, January 25, 1984: EP0099100-A1 (46 worldwide citation)

A high-speed operation, low-power consumption gate circuit structure comprises a combination of complementary field-effect-transistors (10,11) and bipolar transistors (14, 15) and discharge means (12, 13) for discharging accumulated charges from these transistors (10, 11, 14, 15) when the field effe ...

Takamori Masayuki, Takamori Yasuyuki: Vaporizers for vaporisable substances and support media for substances usable therewith. Takamori Masayuki, Takamori Yasuyuki, January 25, 1984: GB2122903-A (45 worldwide citation)

A vaporizer (1) is provided with an opening (7) in a wall thereof through which vapours from a heated section of a tape (4) impregnated with one or more vaporisable substances are released, the opening (7) is covered by a hinged lid (8), the opening and closing of which actuates a switch means (12, ...


Yapp Ronald Arthur: Proximal femur implant.. Carbomedics, January 25, 1984: EP0099167-A1 (38 worldwide citation)

A femur implant for a hip prosthesis has a sleeve (12) adapted for insertion and fixation by ankylosis within a passageway that is cut to extend generally linearly through the femur from a prepared neck cut to the lateral cortex. The sleeve (12) has a shaft portion (13) of rectangular cross section ...

Budzyn Boleslaw Ludwik, Carlson Charles Elwood: Two piece casting wheel.. Allied, January 25, 1984: EP0098968-A1 (33 worldwide citation)

The application provides a chilled casting wheel. An annular wheel core member (7) has axially extending channels (8) formed about a circumferential, outer peripheral surface (11) thereof and is adapted to rotate about a concentric axis of rotation (28). A cylindrical, axially extending wheel rim me ...

Ehrenfreund Josef Dr, Fory Werner Dr, Meyer Willy, Topfl Werner Dr: Condensed n-phenylsulfonyl-n-pyrimidinyl and triazinyl urea.. Ciba-Geigy, January 25, 1984: EP0099339-A2 (30 worldwide citation)

Anellierte N-Phenylsulfonyl-N'-pyrimidinyl- und -triazinyl-harnstoffe der allgemeinen Formel und die Salze dieser Verbindungen mit Aminen, Alkali- oder Erdalkalimetallbasen oder mit quaternären Ammoniumbasen haben gute pre- und postemergent-selektive herbizide und wuchsregulierende Eigenschaften.; I ...

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