Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Harry F Riley: Cleaning assembly for a foam dispensing apparatus. Sealed Air Corporation, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, January 17, 1984: US04426023 (22 worldwide citation)

A cleaning assembly is provided for a foam dispensing apparatus which intermittently supplies a solvent to the discharge port of the dispensing apparatus for removal of accumulations of dispensed foam therefrom. The cleaning assembly is constructed from a body having a wall forming an opening extend ...

Morris Simon: Blood clot filter. Beth Israel Hospital, January 17, 1984: US04425908 (1116 worldwide citation)

A blood clot filter is inwardly radially collapsible into a collapsed configuration for insertion into a vein, and upon insertion automatically radially expands into a predetermined functional form which is in contact with the inner wall of the vein. In the expanded configuration, the filter compris ...

Richard L Columbus: Multi-zoned reaction vessel having pressure-actuatable control means between zones. Eastman Kodak Company, Dana M Schmidt, January 17, 1984: US04426451 (387 worldwide citation)

A reaction vessel, test device, and method of detection or measurement are disclosed, featuring the use of at least two operatively connected zones formed by transport surfaces spaced apart throughout most of the zones a capillary distance. The zones are fluidly connected by meniscus control means e ...

Joe D Bourland, Leslie A Geddes, Charles F Babbs, Willis A Tacker Jr: Apparatus and method for measurement and control of blood pressure. Purdue Research Foundation, O Rourke & Harris, January 17, 1984: US04425920 (374 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for measurement and control of blood pressure are disclosed. Blood pressure is indirectly continually monitored without use of a pressure transducer by sensing the pulse transit time to different sites in an artery, which transit time is inversely related to blood pressure, and ...

William W Alston Jr, William G Bloom, William C Johnson: Torque transmitting catheter apparatus. Raychem Corporation, James W Peterson, January 17, 1984: US04425919 (247 worldwide citation)

A torque transmitting catheter apparatus including a longitudinally pre-oriented thin-walled tubular substrate surrounded by a thin-walled reinforcing means comprising a flat wire braid wound over the substrate and held in place by a thin-walled tubular superstrate surrounding the reinforcing means ...

Gerald B Hoekstra deceased: Ignition procedure and process for in situ retorting of oil shale. Standard Oil Company, Thomas W Tolpin, William T McClain, William H Magidson, January 17, 1984: US04425967 (178 worldwide citation)

An in situ process and ignition procedure are provided to retort oil shale which increases product yield and enhances uniformity of the flame front in an underground retort. In the process, a portion of the rubblized mass of oil shale is preheated with steam, nitrogen or some other inert gas, to at ...

James Kubota: Coaxial connector assembly. Omni Spectra, Hayes Davis & Soloway, January 17, 1984: US04426127 (172 worldwide citation)

A coaxial connector comprising a male half of conventional construction and a female half having an annular electrical contact member which is a spring and which functions to provide continuous annular outer conductor electrical contact and RFI suppression. The annular spring member provides continu ...

Konrad H Marcus: Vehicle magnetic sensor. Prince Corporation, Price Heneveld Huizenga & Cooper, January 17, 1984: US04425717 (170 worldwide citation)

The present invention incorporates a flux-gate sensor for a vehicle compass. The sensor is mounted in association with the mounting system for a rearview mirror mounted to the vehicle windshield. In one embodiment of the present invention, the flux-gate sensor is contained in the mounting bracket fo ...

George Gorski Popiel: Correlation system for global position receiver. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arthur A Smith Jr, Thomas J Engellenner, January 17, 1984: US04426712 (158 worldwide citation)

A digital receiver for receiving and interpreting navigational data in the global position system comprising faster-than-real-time correlators for correlating the code portions of individual signals with matching codes stored in memory thus creating a plurality of virtual channels for acquiring and ...

Barry D Sears: Synthetic phospholipid compounds. Lipid Specialties, Richard P Crowley, January 17, 1984: US04426330 (150 worldwide citation)

Novel synthetic phospholipid compounds, the compounds having the structural formula: ##STR1## where X is a hydrogen or alkyl group, n can vary from about 0 to 200, m can vary from 2 to 10, and R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are saturated or unsaturated acyl radicals.