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A co-channel communications system is disclosed which permits a digital data signal to be simultaneously transmitted with a communications medium signal such as telephone voice or television video. The data signal or signals are converted into very low multifrequency signals consisting of fundamenta ...

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A molded one-piece, self-sealing gasket maintains its seal at all times including during insertion of a tube, such as a catheter, as well as after the tube is withdrawn.

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A hypodermic syringe comprising a barrel, a needle coupled to the barrel and terminating in a point and a needle guard mounted on the barrel for movement between an extended position in which the guard shields the needle and a retracted position in which the guard does not shield the needle. The gua ...

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A cable television converter includes an oscillator and mixer for conversion of a selected input television channel to the specific output frequency of the converter. There is a program selection device, and a memory responsive thereto whereby a subscriber may designate certain channels for conversi ...

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A system for overlaying a computer generated video signal on an NTSC video signal includes horizontal and vertical pulse processor circuits for generating a horizontal start signal and a vertical reset signal, respectively, in accordance with NTSC standards, and a clocking system for receiving the v ...

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A device for the release of a substance at a defined or desired location in the alimentary tract. The device has a capsule having a separating wall therein, which forms a first chamber and a second chamber in the capsule. A hole is present in the wall of the first chamber. A compression spring, that ...

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A communications system capable of simultaneously transmitting voice and data information. The spectral energy of the data signal is smeared by spreading it in a spectrum with energy packed in the lower frequency range under the conventional voice signal frequency in a manner which complements the s ...

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A system and method is provided for determining the channel to which a video wave receiver is tuned. The system includes an RF signal source connected to the antenna input of the video wave receiver, a frequency control stage that determines the signal frequencies generated by the RF signal source a ...

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The invention refers to a programmable signal processing device mainly intended for hearing aids and of the kind which include an electronically controlled signal processor. Hearing aids for persons having impaired hearing are normally adjusted for only one frequency response and are adapted to ampl ...

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Compound sanitary napkins comprising a primary menstrual pad and a panty protector joined by union means having limited extent. The primary menstrual pad comprises an absorbent core and, optionally, a pad overwrap and, also optionally, a fluid barrier. The panty protector comprises an absorbent elem ...