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Thin film multilayer technology is used to build microminiature electromechanical switches having low resistance metal-to-metal contacts and distinct on-off characteristics. The switches, which are electrothermally actuated, are fabricated on conventional hybrid circuit substrates using processes co ...

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An apparatus for heating liquid in a pipe to prevent freezing of the liquid and for de-icing of frozen pipes includes an elongated housing constructed of plastic material and having a central bore and fittings for detachably coupling each end of the housing to the open end of a liquid pipe so that t ...

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A flexible transmitting guide has a substantially transparent semi-solid core to which is shrink-fitted, or otherwise tightly clad, a transparent or translucent sleeve which is designed to laterally diffuse, disperse or refract a substantial component of light away from the core as it traverses the ...

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An efficient end-to-end encryption system including key management procedures for providing secure, financial data communication between a system user at one of a plurality of transaction terminals of one of a plurality of acquirer institutions and one of a plurality of issuer institutions, with sel ...

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A system is disclosed for authenticating an object on the basis of certain physical phenomena or character, specifically, measurable, but not practicably duplicable random variations in the object. In one form, the object (authenticator (T)) is a paper tag having a reference space (14), the varying ...

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The condition of a storage battery of an internal combustion engine powered vehicle is tested automatically, and an indication of battery condition is provided to the service technician. The battery testing apparatus is connected to the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals of the battery to measu ...

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A system and method for testing a battery having an internal impedance by generating digital battery parameter values corresponding to the battery parameters at different points in time by means of current, voltage and temperature measurement circuits and an analog-to-digital converter. An electrica ...

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A quaternized polymer for use as a cosmetic agent, has recurring units of the formula ##STR1## wherein R is lower alkyl or -CH.sub.2 -CH.sub.2 OH;

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A nasal cannula structure capable of being adjusted so as to fit comfortably relative to the nose of a user can be constructed so as to utilize an elongated tubular conduit held by a suitable support so that a portion of the conduit extends beneath and adjacent to the nostrils of the nose of the use ...

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A hook for spinal compression and distraction instrumentation comprises a main body section having a pair of opposite side surfaces, opposite top and bottom surfaces and opposite front and rear surfaces. A hook portion is connected to and extends from the front surface of the main body section. A lo ...