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A method and guide assembly for use in a tibial osteotomy wherein two pairs of parallel guide pins are inserted into the tibia at a predetermined angle with respect to each other through a guide block. The adjacent surfaces of the pairs of pins are then used to precisely guide a saw by which a wedge ...

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Skin conditioning compositions are described which comprise an emulsion of a volatile, water-insoluble liquid; gylcerin; a polydiorganosiloxane-polyoxyalkylene copolymer; a surfactant which will emulsify the above named water-insoluble components; and water.

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The invention provides an interactive system and method for the control of video playback devices such as video tape recorders. The system allows user interaction with a prerecorded program which includes live video displays and alphanumeric displays. The user can select the program desired and also ...

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Herein disclosed is a mechanical vibrating element which can be used as a resonator made operative to resonate in a predetermined frequency, a filter having a frequency selecting property or an optical deflector adapted to be mechanically dislocated in accordance with an input signal for deflecting ...

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Ethanol is produced from acetic acid by esterifying the acetic acid with an olefin having at least 4 carbon atoms, hydrogenating the ester obtained into ethanol and a higher alcohol having at least 4 carbon atoms, removing the ethanol, dehydrating the higher alcohol back to the original olefin and r ...

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A connector for a coaxial cable having a dielectric and an outer conductor supported by the dielectric comprises a bushing that can be emplaced between the dielectric and the outer conductor, a tension member that acts radially inward upon the outer conductor so that mechanical contact is made betwe ...

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A disposable normally closed all plastic reciprocating valve is adapted to be used in a supply line for fluids supplied to or extracted from a patient. The valve is opened by inserting a tube into one end thereof.

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Linear basic polymers containing, as characteristic components, from 90 to 10 mole % of copolymerized units of the formula ##STR1## and from 10 to 90 mole % of copolymerized units of the formula ##STR2## are obtained by polymerizing the compound of the formula CH.sub.2 .dbd.CH--NH--CHO (N-vinylforma ...

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Magnetic position sensing for an object is disclosed wherein the analogue the distance between an object and a sensor is detected for indicating changes in object position in one, two, or three dimensions. An accurate, and continous output signal indicative of object position and incremental changes ...

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An apparatus for collecting solar energy and converting it to electrical energy utilizing solar panels pivotally mounted to a base such that the panels may be pivoted to a storage position inside said base. Additional solar panels may be pivotally mounted on retractable frame trays which stow inside ...