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A blood sugar analyzing apparatus has a reaction cell which houses a fixed enzyme membrane sensor and a measuring electrode which receives a blood specimen which causes a chemical reaction between the blood specimen and said fixed enzyme membrane for measuring the blood sugar concentration in the sp ...

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A system using a vehicle and a camera for effecting substantially undetected surveillance of a preselected target area includes a vehicle modified so that a wall portion thereof includes an opening simulated to appear as a side clearance light of the vehicle with the camera positioned internally of ...

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A device which monitors information contained in broadcast electrical signals and which, when attached to or combined with the circuitry of a television, radio or other receiver, will automatically prevent reception of unwanted material.

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A circuit arrangement for different color light emission, comprises first series circuit of a first light-emitting element having a given color, a diode, and a resistor; and a second series circuit of a second light-emitting element having another color and a collector-emitter path of a transistor, ...

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An interactive telephone answering system (20) connectable to a captured telephone line (26) is responsive to the detection (32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42) of tones transmitted by the calling party from the keypad of a Touch-Tone phone for enabling caller selectable routing of an incoming call to a desired ...

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A set of iron-type golf clubs is designed to have gear effect so that a golf ball which is hit off-center on the club is provided with a corrective spin which will tend to bring the ball back to the intended line of flight.

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An electronic photographic camera includes an imaging optical system operable to be focused to an object to be photographed, a solid state imaging sensing device including a plurality of light-receiving elements disposed in the imaging plane of the imaging optical system and capable of producing a c ...

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The present invention relates to a re-sealable dispenser-container and a process for producing the container. The dispenser-container comprises a main container body made of impervious material with at least one opening, a flap having a pressure-sensitive adhesive surface and fixed to the main body ...