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A member (12) to be etched is subjected to etching through a mask layer (13) of a predetermined pattern and that portion of the mask layer (13) overhanging a side-etched portion resulting from the etching is bent down to be jointed by an adhesive binder (33) to the side wall of the side-etched porti ...

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A composition consisting essentially of a siloxane having substituents that provide attachment to the hair, surfactants, additives that provide freeze-thaw stability, and water is disclosed. The composition may also contain thickeners, and additives that reduce static electricity build-up, and fly-a ...

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Biologically active WS 6049 substances obtainable by culturing a strain belonging to the genus Actinomadura in an aqueous nutrient medium under aerobic conditions and recovering WS 6049-A substance and/or WS 6049-B substance. The invention also relates to a process for preparing the new substances a ...

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A five-axis laser robot (10) for for welding or cutting operations has a depending Z-axis column (12) with an internal Z-axis laser beam path and a wrist (14) at the lower end of the column with internal laser beam paths, wherein the laser robot is adjustable for applying the laser beam from a laser ...

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A wide range voltage controlled oscillator arrangement has a VCO in which an n-stage switchable capacitor network provides a set of n overlapping frequency ranges and a variable capacitance responsive to a control signal (e.g. from a feedback loop filter) adjusts the VCO frequency within each range. ...

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Typical video game systems include, at each game location, a digital microprocessor packaged with a memory for storing the program instructions of a particular video game. The video game scenes are usually displayed on the screen of a conventional television receiver. Using position controllers, one ...

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Quaternary ammonium functional silicon compounds are prepared by reacting carboxylic acid functional quaternary ammonium compounds with aminofunctional silicon compounds. These quaternary ammonium functional silicon compounds are antistatic finishes for textiles.

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One or more silencers 12, 13, 14 or catalytic converters are interconnected by tubes 15, which tubes provide a connection to an exhaust manifold and an outlet pipe. The system is formed from a pair of pressings 10 and 11, each pressing having a pair of marginal flanges 16 which abut corresponding fl ...

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In a video fruit machine, the reels (2) are images that change to simulate rotation. At the top and bottom of each visible section of simulated reel, the video screen is locally darkened to give a progressive shading effect, as of a real reel curving back into the cabinet. Similar effects can be obt ...

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Pyrogallol derivatives of the formula (I) in which R1 and R2 can be identical or different and denote hydrogen or lower alkyl, and R represents (i) hydrogen or in which (i) if R denotes hydrogen, X, Y and Z denote hydrogen, halogen or nitro, with the proviso that not all three simultaneously represe ...