Charles Sperry
Lawrence E Fenn, Charles R Sperry: Quick-acting electric cigar lighter. Casco Products Division of Sun Chemical Corporation, Cynthia Berlow, H Gibner Lehmann, K Gibner Lehmann, November 29, 1983: USRE031452

A quick-acting electric cigar lighter employing a bimetallic disk constituting an electric switching member. The disk is secured in place by a mounting stud, utilizing a welding procedure. The welding does not adversely affect the functioning of the switch due to the provision of a central offset po ...

Charles D Jones: Antiestrogenic and antiandrugenic benzothiophenes. Eli Lilly and Company, Joseph A Jones, Arthur R Whale, November 29, 1983: US04418068 (395 worldwide citation)

6-Hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3-[4-(2-piperidinoethoxy)benzoyl]benzo[b]thio phene, its ethers and esters, and the physiologically acceptable acid addition salts thereof, are valuable antiestrogens and antiendrogens.

Bruce J Oberhardt: Multilayer enzyme electrode membrane. Miles Laboratories, Roger N Coe, November 29, 1983: US04418148 (373 worldwide citation)

A contiguous multilayer membrane for use with an electrochemical sensor is prepared comprising a first relatively nonporous dense polymer layer, a second polymer layer less dense and more porous than the first layer, a third layer containing an enzyme and a fourth polymer layer less dense and more p ...

J Samuel Batchelder: Method and apparatus for providing a dielectrophoretic display of visual information. Parmelee Bollinger & Bramblett, November 29, 1983: US04418346 (319 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method and apparatus for selectively displaying visual information using dielectrophoretic forces resulting from the application of a non-uniform electrical field to a dielectric material. Specifically, first and second visually distinguishable materials having diffe ...

Richard J Schwarzbach, Manley S Keeler, Randy J Cavaiani, Michael K Chapman: Appliance control system. Pittway Corporation, Dithmar Stotland Stratman & Levy, November 29, 1983: US04418333 (283 worldwide citation)

An appliance control system includes a central control unit and a plurality of slave units each including a user-programmable microprocessor and respectively plugged into outlet sockets of a power main in a building, appliances being respectively coupled to the slave units. The system permits manual ...

John W Fennel Jr, Miles T Heinz Jr: Encryption using destination addresses in a TDMA satellite communications network. IBM Corporation, John E Hoel, November 29, 1983: US04418425 (221 worldwide citation)

An encryption system is disclosed which is based on channel destination addresses for a time division multiple access (TDMA) satellite communications network. A superframe initialization vector is transmitted from a master station to all other stations in the network. A plurality of frame initializa ...

Paul L Frankhouser, Ketan Shevde: Catheter introduction set. Arrow International, Charles H Lindrooth, November 29, 1983: US04417886 (187 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a disposable introducer kit for the introduction of a catheter into small vessels such as the radial artery of a patient. The introducer assembly is contained in a sterile package and removed as an entire unit including needle, catheter, wire guide and wire guide feed device. The cathet ...

Ostap E Baran: Double-wall surgical cuff. S C Yuter, November 29, 1983: US04417576 (180 worldwide citation)

A surgical cuff for introduction into a body passage such as a trachea of a surgical fluid such as an anesthetic comprises a tubular base member with an imperforate inflatable tubular inner cuff member encircling the tubular base member and a distensible tubular outer cuff member encircling the inne ...

Raymond Clarke, Chester L Sandberg: Fiber optic temperature sensing. Raychem Corporation, Lyon & Lyon, November 29, 1983: US04417782 (178 worldwide citation)

Fiber optic waveguides exhibiting a blackout phenomenon can be used for temperature sensing. A temperature sensing waveguide can be used in such applications as maintaining a material within a selected temperature range, freeze protection viscosity control of liquids in pipelines, leak detection of ...

Donald E Doyle, George A Hellwarth, Jack L Quanstrom: Data flow component for processor and microprocessor systems. International Business Machines Corporation, D Kendall Cooper, William N Hogg, J Jancin Jr, November 29, 1983: US04418383 (152 worldwide citation)

A Large Scale Integration (LSI) data flow component is described for use as a building block, the component being capable of use singly or in combination to provide data flow paths and functions of different data widths for a processor or microprocessor. A component with an eight-bit data flow is de ...