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A new class of nucleoside phosphoramidites which are relatively stable to permit isolation thereof and storage at room temperature. The phosphoramidites are derivatives of saturated secondary amines.

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A surgical stapling assembly including a resiliently mounted anvil member and a staple holding assembly containing a plurality of surgical staples and mounted relative to the anvil member for movement into substantially parallel spaced relation thereto to clamp tissue inserted between the anvil memb ...

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A membrane for electrochemical analysis is described comprising a first, relatively dense and thin layer and a second, relatively porous thick layer, which thick layer has dispersed therethrough the enzyme, glucose oxidase. The process of making the membrane by casting two to three layers of cellulo ...

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Disclosed is a vending system particularly adapted for a restaurant or retail sales outlet which includes a hand held portable data entry terminal having an operator addressable, programmable memory containing a repertoire or library of sales or menu items addressable by entering a product code. The ...

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A respirator face mask formed from a silicone or other vulcanized rubber with a multi-compound curved face seal having a superior configuration for facial fit. The mask is held by four support buttons and two straps attached thereto having a reverse leverage pulldown effect to pull the mask into con ...

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A disposable lancet for use in obtaining blood samples comprises a plastic housing and a resilient blade in a retracted position within the housing, the blade being bent in an arcuate form to provide a source of spring energy biasing the piercing edge of the blade toward an opening in the housing. A ...

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A method, and apparatus to practice the method, to complete multiple (triple) branch wells using separate drill and casing templates. Principally this invention finds its greatest utility in the in situ leach mining of deep lying ore bodies. Initially, a generally vertical main hole is drilled in th ...

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A biomedical stimulation lead wherein the lead body is preformed into a helical configuration to assist in anchoring the lead. The lead includes a non-conducting member extending forward of the lead electrode along the axis of the lead body, and tines extending perpendicularly from the member. The t ...

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Public alert and advisory systems for the communication of emergency and/or other information from one or more central locations to a plurality of remote locations, such as, by way of example, information regarding a nuclear accident and evacuation procedures. This system utilizes conventional progr ...

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A tissue adhesive on the basis of human or animal protein contains factor XIII and at least 33% by weight of fibrinogen, has a ratio of factor XIII to fibrinogen, expressed in units of factor XIII per gram of fibrinogen, of at least 80, contains fibrinogen and albumin in the total protein at a ratio ...