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A potted plant package for protecting the flowers and plants during transit, with a part of said package being removable for forming an attractive display, such as for a gift.

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A catheter assembly or catheter attachment for use in treatment of coronary artery disease resulting from atheromatous lesions whereby stenotic lesions can be dilated without interruption to the blood supply distal to the stenotic lesion being treated, the catheter further allowing blood pressure di ...

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Liquid detergent compositions, particularly for use as hard surface cleaners, comprising 1%-20% surfactant, 0.5%-10% mono- or sesquiterpenes, and 0.5%-10% of a polar solvent having a solubility in water of from 0.2% to 10%, preferably benzyl alcohol. The compositions provide excellent cleaning of bo ...

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The architecture of a special-purpose multiprocessor, hierarchically structured and functionally distributed, having ditributed cache memory for local processing and a common applictions task manager in each microcomputer. A group of identical microcomputers execute the total program in an intrinsic ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for effecting the replacement of a cementing float shoe on the bottom of a well casing. A casing extension sleeve defines an upwardly facing locating shoulder and a seal bore adjacent such shoulder. A new or replacement float shoe is run into the well casing on th ...

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An interactive visual communications system consists of a number of similar terminals linked together by narrow band communications links. Each terminal consists of visual display apparatus having a display and a display generator, an input interactive device for providing input instructions which a ...

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A man-machine interface is disclosed for translating discrete hand positions into electrical signals representing alpha-numeric characters. The interface comprises a glove having sensors positioned with respect to the hand for detecting the flex of finger joints and sensors for detecting the contact ...

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An antiinflammatory steroid exhibiting a tendency to crystal growth in suspension in aerosol propellants is contacted with a halogenated hydrocarbon to form a crystalline solvate, which, after removal of some or all of the propellant from the crystals, is reduced to a particle size permitting inhala ...

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The present invention relates to a flexible composite sheet material having a thermoset patterned relief surface of high quality and definition which is particularly useful for producing high quality optical sheet components such as a lenticular screen sheet for producing three-dimensional pictures ...

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A terminal is provided at which a user can selectively preview or order a videocassette. The terminal comprises customer identification means for receiving information relative to the user; mode selection means enabling the user to choose a preview or order mode; cassette selection means for selecti ...