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A method and an apparatus are provided for performing growth of compound thin films by alternately repeating separate surface reactions of the substances comprising the compound. A carrier gas affects a diffusion barrier between the surface reaction steps to be separated from each other. The gas pha ...

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Solutions of ultrahigh molecular weight polymers such as polyethylene in a relatively non-volatile solvent are extruded through an aperture at constant concentration through the aperture and cooled to form a first gel of indefinite length. The first gels are extracted with a volatile solvent to form ...

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An error detecting and correcting system implementing the Reed-Solomon (1023, 1006) code having code words whose symbols are elements in the Galois field GF(2.sup.10) generated by either the primitive polynomial x.sup.10 +x.sup.3 +1 or x.sup.10 +x.sup.7 +1. An original data word is encoded to produc ...

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An oxygen carrying material containing hemoglobin or a hemoglobin derivative covalently coupled through an amide bond to a polymer selected from the group consisting of polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol, and copolymers of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide.

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A device for properly aligning the sealing member of a cover relative to the sealing rim of a container. The device includes at least one alignment tab which cooperates with at least one alignment slot to align the sealing member of a cover with respect to the sealing rim of a container. Accurate al ...

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An industrial process control system in accordance with the present invention includes a plurality of device controllers connected together through a common buss with each device controller connected to an associated controlled device(s) that effect process control. A computer-aided system interface ...