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An automated stock exchange in which a computer matches buy and sell orders for a plurality of stocks. An open board simultaneous trading environment is simulated through two stages. The first stage is an order accumulation period which is continuously in operation except for one stock in the second ...

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A radio frequency (rf) lesion electrode design with a thermocouple temperature sensor in its distal uninsulated tip is described, having special design features which enable it to be made with very small tip diameters, flexible tip geometrics, very close proximity of the thermocouple sensor to the t ...

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A system for the remote monitoring of vending machines and for automatically communicating conditions at the vending machines to a central computer complex is described. Each vending machine is provided with a microprocessor which monitors and stores data within that machine and transmits the data t ...

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A method and apparatus for use in the treatment of spinal fractures and scoliosis. Windowed hook holders are used to firmly grasp and position hooks having a slotted base and a projecting hook on the spinal column. The projecting hook is used to engage the bone of the spinal column.

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An introducer catheter (22) through which a primary device (38) may be inserted having a slidable sleeve (16), which prevents premature disruption of the peelable catheter tube (14) and which also remains in position on the primary device (38) after the introducer catheter has been peeled apart. Als ...

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An electrode unit for electrically heating underground hydrocarbon deposits having a main conduit pipe assembly, a cylindrical water pipe and an electrical conductor arranged coaxially with the electrical conductor disposed between the water pipe and the main conduit pipe assembly. The spaces betwee ...

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An apparatus for percutaneous catheterization of a vascular or other body compartment employs a shape memory alloy cylindrical cannula which expands after introduction into the body compartment with sufficient radial force to dilate the vascular member. A cylindrical plastic sheath embracing the can ...

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An apparatus and method for measuring the concentration of various components in a fluid sample. The apparatus comprises a chemically sensitive field effect transistor (CHEMFET) having a semiconductor substrate and a pair of diffusion regions formed at the surface of the substrate. An electrical ins ...

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A system using a sorting network to intercouple multiple processors so as to distribute priority messages to all processors is characterized by semaphore means accessible to both the local processors and the global resource via the network. Transaction numbers identifying tasks are employed in the m ...

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A sterile coupling enabling the selective establishment of a sterile pathway between two separate receptacles. A preferably injection molded plastic junction is made about at least the end portions of access means to each of the separate receptacles. The junction provides a sterile coupling so as to ...