Ostrovsky Leonid: Pivotal assembly of insulated wall panels. Ostrovsky Leonid, October 19, 1983: GB2117813-A (236 worldwide citation)

The joint assembly comprises a pair of strips 13, 12 secured to the edges of respective panels by folding the outer skins 10 and by a dovetail joint 20 with the foam insulation material 11. The connecting strips provide a curved tongue 27 and groove 21. The groove strip has a pivotal body 23 of part ...

Duret Francois: Device for taking impressions by optical means, particularly for the automatic shaping of dental prostheses.. Duret Francois, Michallet E Epouse Duret, Termoz Christian, October 19, 1983: EP0091876-A1 (172 worldwide citation)

Ce dispositif comprend des moyens émetteurs d'ondes lumineuses (2, 3), des moyens optiques (4, 5) dirigeant ces ondes sur l'objet à analyser (1), et des moyens optiques récepteurs (6, 7) dirigeant les ondes réfléchies sur un capteur (8) associé à un convertisseur analogique-numérique (9). On obtient ...

Wain John Laurence, Bellis Robert David: Entertainment machines. Barcrest, October 19, 1983: GB2117952-A (141 worldwide citation)

A coin- or token-operated entertainment machine, particularly a fruit machine having rotatable reels (or simulated rotatable reels), has a number of display zones (6 to 10). On play of a game, a combination of symbols (15) is produced at one such display zone, the aim being to attain a predetermined ...





Gilbert Walter, Philipp Barbara Wallner: Dna sequences, recombinant dna molecules and processes for producing human serum albumin-like polypeptides.. Harvard College, October 19, 1983: EP0091527-A2 (45 worldwide citation)

The DNA sequences and recombinant DNA molecules of this invention are characterized in that they include DNA fragments that code for human serum albumin-like polypeptides. These DNA sequences and recombinant DNA molecules and the hosts transformed with them may be employed in the processes of this i ...

Schroder Ludwig Dr Dipl Chem, Stransky Werner Dr Dipl Chem, Mengel Rudolf Dr Dipl Chem, Lust Sigmund Dr, Linden Gerbert Dr Dipl Landwir, Raddatz Erich Dr, Schneider Gerhard Dipl Bio: Hydantoins, their preparation and application.. Celamerck & Co Kg, October 19, 1983: EP0091596-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

Die Erfindung betrifft neue Cycloalkan-5 min -spirohydantoine der Formel die in der Beschreibung erläutert wird. Es werden ferner Verfahren zur Herstellung der neuen Verbindungen beschrieben sowie die Verwendung der Verbindungen zur Bekämpfung unerwünschten Pflanzenwachstums.

Namizuka Toshio, Koyama Yoshiyuki: Method for modifying unsaturated polymer rubber. Nippon Zeon, October 19, 1983: GB2117778-A (43 worldwide citation)

An alkali metal-containing unsaturated polymer rubber is modified by reaction with an aromatic ketone compound of the general formula wherein R1 and R2 independently represent hydrogen, alkyl, cycloalkyl, alkenyl, alkoxy, amino, alkylamino, dialkylamino, or halogen, and m and n independently represe ...