Jeffrey A Freedland: Bone-fixating surgical implant device. Kirschstein Kirschstein Ottinger & Cobrin, October 18, 1983: US04409974 (438 worldwide citation)

A surgical implant for the fixation of bone portions and methods for using the same to reduce bone fractures with or without the use of bone fixating plates and in a variety of surgical procedures where rigid fixation of bones or bone portions even under great stress is required. The implant has a g ...

Denis S Drummond: Method and apparatus for engaging a hook assembly to a spinal column. Sherman & Shalloway, October 18, 1983: US04409968 (237 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for use in the treatment of spinal fractures and scoliosis. Windowed hook holders are used to firmly grasp and position hooks having a slotted base and a projecting hook on the spinal column. The projecting hook is used to engage the bone of the spinal column.

Dave D Nagel, Thomas Aparicio Jr: Well drilling tool with diamond radial/thrust bearings. Maurer Engineering, Neal J Mosely, October 18, 1983: US04410054 (219 worldwide citation)

A turbodrill is disclosed for connection to a drill string and has a rotating shaft for turning a drill bit. The turbodrill has rotor and stator blades operated by drilling mud flowing therethrough to rotate the shaft. The shaft is provided with radial/thrust bearing consisting of a pair of annular ...

Winston R Shu: In-situ combustion method for recovery of heavy oil utilizing oxygen and carbon dioxide as initial oxidant. Mobil Oil Corporation, Alexander J McKillop, James F Powers Jr, Lawrence O Miller, October 18, 1983: US04410042 (210 worldwide citation)

An in-situ combustion method for recovering viscous oil from a subterranean, viscous oil-containing formation comprising injecting a mixture of essentially pure oxygen and carbon dioxide into the formation to initiate an in-situ combustion operation followed by injecting essentially pure oxygen.

Marco Taramasso, Giovanni Perego, Bruno Notari: Preparation of porous crystalline synthetic material comprised of silicon and titanium oxides. Snamprogetti S p A, Ralph M Watson, October 18, 1983: US04410501 (201 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a porous crystalline synthetic material constituted by silicon and titanium oxides, a method for synthesizing said material, and the use thereof as a catalyst.

Chauncey F Levy: Focussable intraocular lens. Hoffman Stone, October 18, 1983: US04409691 (184 worldwide citation)

An intraocular lens that provides accommodation in response to contraction and relaxation of the ciliary body. Accommodation is achieved by motion of the lens, or of an element of a lens system, alternately toward and away from the fovea. Means are provided for biasing the lens, or the movable eleme ...

Aloysious F Tasch Jr, Perry A Penz, John M Pankratz, Hon W Lam: Method of fabricating display with semiconductor circuits on monolithic structure and flat panel display produced thereby. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Melvin Sharp, James T Comfort, Robert Groover, October 18, 1983: US04409724 (155 worldwide citation)

Method of fabricating a display with silicon integrated circuits included on the same monolithic structure and the flat panel display produced thereby. The display which may be of the liquid crystal or electrochromic type, for example, is formed as an x-y matrix display having individual address tra ...

Ronald M Newdoll, John E Phillips: Method of and apparatus for recording information from a master medium onto a slave medium employing digital techniques. Accurate Sound Corporation, Jack M Wiseman, October 18, 1983: US04410917 (154 worldwide citation)

A method of and apparatus for recording information from a master medium onto a slave medium. Analog information on a master medium is reproduced and converted into digital information. The digital information is stored in a digital storage device. The digital information stored in the digital stora ...

Robert D Talbot: Secure mobile telephone system. Harris Corporation, L Lawton Rogers III, October 18, 1983: US04411017 (140 worldwide citation)

A communications system including a central station and a plurality of remote stations, for example, a mobile telephone system, is disclosed in which communications channel establishing signalling transmissions between the central and remote stations are conducted in a clear (unenciphered) mode and ...

David Partridge: Gaming machines. Starpoint Electrics, Larson & Taylor, October 18, 1983: US04410178 (137 worldwide citation)

A reel unit for a gaming machine comprises a stepping motor 1 connected to drive the reel through a reduction gearbox 2 having an output shaft 3 coupled to a boss 5 forming part of the reel. The shaft end 3 forms a close fit with a circular opening 12 in the boss 5 and a transverse pin 8 extending t ...

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