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A narrow-bodied, single-and twin-windowed, hand-held, laser scanning head for reading bar code symbols includes at least one window mounted at the rear region of the head, and through which either the incident beam going to the symbol and/or the reflected beam returning from the symbol, passes unobs ...

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A combination physical separation process and thermal fluidized bed process for recovering products from tar sands. The process includes initially separating a portion of the sand from the tar sand through a physical separation process, yielding a bitumen-rich concentrate. The bitumen-rich concentra ...

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A semi-amorphous, photoelectric conversion semiconductor which is formed of a mixture of a microcrystalline semiconductor and a non-crystalline semiconductor and in which the mixture is doped with a dangling bond neutralizer, such as hydrogen, chlorine or fluorine, and the microcrystalline semicondu ...

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A sterile cover for an instrument comprising, a tray having an upright post, with the post having an upper end and a lower end. The cover has a sleeve of flexible material having an open end and a closed end. The sleeve is placed on the post with the closed end being located adjacent the upper end o ...

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There is disclosed in the present application, a coaxial connector adapted to being mounted on a coaxial cable including a central conductor, a dielectric, a generally braided outer conductor and a rubber or plastic jacket. The connector of the present application includes a central cone insertable ...

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A staple-supporting strip for use with staples when binding documents together which affords removal and retention of the staples. The staple-supporting strip comprises a narrow elongate strip of tough polymeric material between 0.1 and 0.15 mm thick. The strip may be colored or printed with a windo ...

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An electrical connector is disclosed for terminating semi-rigid coaxial cable, and comprises a grip ring having a continuous rearward end with multiple spline fingers extending forwardly therefrom and grooves on its inner surface, and a bored tubular shell member having a contoured internal diameter ...

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A calculator having constant memory utilizing a classical CMOS metal gate process, a low power microcomputer with on-chip and external constant memory capability, and multiple partition power control of circuit groups. Incorporation of a first and second switched negative voltage and a non-switched ...

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Stable compositions of PGE and PGE-type compounds are achieved by dissolving these compounds in propylene glycol diesters of short chain fatty acids.

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A bone compression plate is provided with several sliding slits for countersunk bone screws having ball heads in the longitudinal dimension of the plate. Each sliding slit is countersunk in its end area opposite the fracture, the depth of which countersinking in the plate determines the final axial ...