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A gaming or amusement machine 2 comprises a reel mechanism and a video monitor 20. A nudging facility is provided, whereby the symbols on the reels 4 are displayed in corresponding positions on the monitor screen, and a user can index the symbols on the monitor screen in an attempt to achieves winni ...

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The combustion chambers 30 of gas turbine units 6(a) to 6(c) (or equivalent piston engines) are supplied with fuel gas via pipe 26 and in order to compensate for a substantial decline in the calorific value of the fuel gas over a period of time, commercially pure oxygen or oxygen-enriched air is sup ...

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A filter element constructed of stainless steel. The element includes a pair of filter media concentrically disposed to receive parallel flow of the filtrant. The element is adapted for disassembly to remove the filter media. The various component parts of the filter element may thereafter be easily ...

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In a process and apparatus for plasma treatment by the use of a separately provided plasma generating chamber (27) and a treating chamber (30) in which an activated gas excited in the plasma generating chamber is introduced into the treating chamber, the gas is distributed within the treating chambe ...

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A process for the hydroxylation of aromatic hydrocarbons by means of hydrogen peroxide, consisting of reacting the compounds in the presence of synthetic zeolites containing either substituted or exchanged heteroatoms. The reaction is carried out in acetone at a temperature of between 80 and 120 DEG ...

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A shielded connector is formed by cover members (18, 20) normally molded of insulative material selectively plated with conductive material (32) to form a shield. The members (18, 20) include interfitting peripherial flanges (30), which are plated, so that no gaps, which would act as slot antennae, ...

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A process for the production of oligonucleotides such as DNA is disclosed which comprises the phosphite triester method on inorganic solid support in which a hindered dialkylamino nucleoside phosphite having a total of 4 to 6 carbon atoms in the dialkyl group is employed as an intermediate reagent i ...


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Compounds having the structural formula wherein R and R are hydrogen or C1-C4 alkyl; R is chlorine, bromine or iodine; R is hydrogen, iodine or chlorine; and R is hydrogen, halogen, C1-C4 alkyl, C1-C4 alkoxy, nitro, or trifluormethyl as herbicides.

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Compounds of the formula I in which n = 1, 2 or 3, R is hydrogen, unsubstituted or amino-, acylamino- or benzoylamino-substituted alkyl, alkenyl, cycloalkyl, cycloalkenyl, cycloalkylalkyl, aryl or partially hydrogenated aryl each of which can be substituted by alkyl, alkoxy or halogen, arylalkyl whi ...