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A spinal fixator is in the form of a turnbuckle the end sections of which terminate as circular flat plates formed with upwardly and downwardly protruding spikes for engaging in the bone of respective vertebrae above and below a broken vertebra. Following decompression of the spinal cord, the fixato ...

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A means and method for implanting bioprosthetic material surgically, in humans or animals, is disclosed. The means comprise lengths of connective tissue such as cow tendons which are covered entirely or partially with a synthetic, looseweave mesh which is stitched to the tendon and which augments th ...

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Cutaneous methods for measurement of substrates in mammalian subjects are disclosed. A condition of the skin is used to measure a number of important substances which diffuse through the skin or are present underneath the skin in the blood or tissue. According to the technique, an enzyme whose activ ...

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The invention relates to a method for protecting plants during transportation by packaging plant (2) and its pot (1) in a bag (3) which at least partly consists of microporous material (6) having preferably an air-permeability of 0.1-300 mm.sup.3 air per second per Pascal per m.sup.2 of the film mat ...

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Hot retorting gas for pyrolysis of kerogen in a bed of rubblized oil shale is supplied by a pressure pulsing technique.

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A plasma deposition apparatus having a plasma formation chamber and a specimen chamber which are arranged separately. Gaseous material and microwave power are introduced to the plasma formation chamber to generate plasma by a microwave discharge through electron cyclotron resonance. The plasma is ex ...

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A single-ended recuperative radiant tube assembly for increasing the efficiency of a combustion furnace system by using less fuel input per heat output than conventional systems. The single-ended recuperative radiant tube assembly has inner and outer recuperator tube assemblies positioned in a count ...

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The method and improvement for recovery of hydrocarbons in situ from subterranean oil shale formations is disclosed by forming generally horizontal electrodes from the injection of molten metal into preheated or unheated fractures of the formation. A nonconductive spacing material is positioned in t ...

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Described is a method of using a combination of rapamycin and picibanil for the treatment of transplantable carcinogenic tumors.

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A method and apparatus for treating ground and ground water contaminated with hydrocarbon and halogenated hydrocarbon compounds. Treatment of contaminated water removed from the ground is accomplished by microorganisms which consume the contaminants. Growth of microorganisms is enhanced under contro ...