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The present invention relates to processes for inserting DNA into eucaryotic cells, particularly DNA which includes a gene or genes coding for desired proteinaceous materials for which no selective criteria exist. The insertion of such DNA molecules is accomplished by cotransforming eucaryotic cells ...

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A transfer imaging system is disclosed wherein images are formed by image-wise exposing a layer comprising a chromogenic material and pressure rupturable capsules containing, as an internal phase, a photosensitive composition. In a preferred embodiment, the chromogenic material is encapsulated with ...

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A golf club of the iron type has a metal head with a front striking face and a slot spaced rearwardly from the striking face to provide a flexible and resilient striking plate. The thickness of the plate is such that the plate will: (a) resiliently flex and store energy when the striking face impact ...

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Catalyst components which comprise the reaction product of a Ti compound and a Mg dihalide and which are in the form of spherical particles having an average diameter of 1 to 100 microns, a surface area of 300 to 500 m.sup.2 /g, and a porosity of 0.3 to 0.4 cc/g are disclosed, as are catalysts also ...

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Insulin delivery system comprises insulin reservoir, pump and subcutaneous needle. Pump is electromechanically-driven at a preselectable fixed rate and can be additionally actuated to deliver a preprandial bolus of selected dosage.

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A programmable control unit for disk memory and controller comprising a microprocessor (MPU), random access memory (RAM) used as a buffer to cache disk resident data used by a data processing system (DPS), and a configurable data path (CDP) which couples the DPS to the disk controller. The (MPU) is ...

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A transflective liquid crystal display is viewable by either reflected or transmitted light. The display utilizes at least one display cell of the guest dichroic dye-host liquid crystal material type, wherein the molecules are substantially parallel to the cell walls and have a helical twist in the ...

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Data resources are shared by applications executing on a plurality of central electronic complexes. Each complex of a pair includes a resource lock manager (IRLM) which maintains the hold and wait locks for applications executing on the complex and selected wait locks for the other complex. Selectiv ...

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A method is disclosed for forming roller cutters and also for forming cutting teeth for rolling cutter bits, including cutter inserts, cutter teeth formed in place, or formed separately and welded in place, etc., by powder metallurgy as a densified powder metallurgical composite of at least two vary ...

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A flight simulating system is provided with a manually operated control member connected to a servomechanism which responds to manual input by the control member and reacts to provide realistic feedback to the control member in accord with simulated flight conditions. For this purpose, a combining c ...