Victor A Vaguine: Method and apparatus for controlling and optimizing the heating pattern for a hyperthermia system. Clini Therm Corporation, Richards Harris & Medlock, August 9, 1983: US04397314 (343 worldwide citation)

A hyperthermia treatment system has multiple applicators and multiple temperature sensors for controlling the operation of the hyperthermia system. A temperature sensor probe implanted within a tumor provides a temperature signal for controlling and optimizing the power input to multiple applicators ...

Harold J Vinegar, Monroe H Waxman: Method for correcting an electrical log for the presence of shale in a formation. Shell Oil Company, August 9, 1983: US04398151 (227 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is disclosed for borehole measurements of the induced polarization of earth formations. The apparatus consists of an induced polarization logger capable of measuring both in-phase and quadrature conductivities in the frequency domain. A method is described which uses these measurements ...

David S Hoover, Edwin N Givens: Process for coal liquefaction employing selective coal feed. International Coal Refining Company, Mark F Wachter, August 9, 1983: US04397732 (224 worldwide citation)

An improved coal liquefaction process is provided whereby coal conversion is improved and yields of pentane soluble liquefaction products are increased. In this process, selected feed coal is pulverized and slurried with a process derived solvent, passed through a preheater and one or more dissolver ...

Frederick A Pesa, Anne M Graham, Wayne R Kliewer: Hydrogenation of carboxylic acids. The Standard Oil Company, Joseph G Curatolo, Herbert D Knudsen, Larry W Evans, August 9, 1983: US04398039 (186 worldwide citation)

A process is provided for the vapor phase hydrogenation of carboxylic acids to yield their corresponding alcohols in the presence of steam and a catalyst comprising the mixed oxides of ruthenium, at least one of cobalt, nickel, and optionally one of cadmium, zinc, copper, iron, rhodium, palladium, o ...

Nikolai N Kanshin, Vladimir M Fedotov, Boris A Smirnov, Igor A Guskov: Surgical instrument for staple suturing of hollow organs. Vesesojuzny Nauchnoissledovatelsky I Ispytatelny Institut, Steinberg & Raskin, August 9, 1983: US04397311 (184 worldwide citation)

Described herein is an instrument, comprising a staple body and a supporting body hingedly connected thereto, both having longitudinal jaws. The staple body has staple magazines and a staple ejector. The supporting body has a die for bending the staples when suturing. A recess is provided at the bas ...

Marvin Gordon: Catheter stabilization fitting having a snap-over cover. Whitman Medical Corporation, Holman & Stern, August 9, 1983: US04397647 (182 worldwide citation)

A disposable stabilizing fitting for a catheter tube includes a laminar base member having an adhesive coated underside and a tube-retaining cradle. A snap-over cover engages the catheter tube in the cradle. Specifically, gripping members in the cradle are non-aligned with one or more gripping membe ...

Billie J Matthews, John P Allison, Paul S Woon, Robert A Stevens, Stephan R Bornslaeger: Sanitary napkin with improved comfort. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Howard Olevsky, R Jonathan Peters, Gregory E Croft, August 9, 1983: US04397644 (176 worldwide citation)

A sanitary napkin is provided which is capable of transmitting viscous menstrual fluid into the absorbent portion of the napkin without cover runoff. The napkin has a fluid permeable cover which is integrated with a portion of the absorbent matrix. This portion of the absorbent matrix is also design ...

Robert W Field, Ronald R Gerlach, Clarence D Perr, Robert S Block: Multiple signal transmission method and system, particularly for television. Telease, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, August 9, 1983: US04398216 (151 worldwide citation)

A method and system for scrambling a plurality of input signals for secure transmission thereof, as well as various methods and systems for television transmission, are disclosed. The disclosed scrambling technique, in one form, includes modulating an in-phase component of at least one carrier signa ...

Victor A Vaguine: Multiple microwave applicator system and method for microwave hyperthermia treatment. Clini Therm Corporation, Richards Harris & Medlock, August 9, 1983: US04397313 (137 worldwide citation)

Multiple microwave applicators are configured to optimize the treatment in a hyperthermia system. Individual applicators are positioned for incrementally varying the treatment field size by the addition or subtraction of individual applicators. A fan beam geometric configuration may be utilized with ...

Yukun Hsia, Richard W Rodgers: Adaptive WSI/MNOS solid state memory system. McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Gregory A Cone, Walter J Jason, Donald L Royer, August 9, 1983: US04398248 (123 worldwide citation)

The disclosed solid state mass memory system comprises an adaptive, wafer scale integration, nonvolatile mass memory system organized as a stack of individual memory wafer modules with a memory system control means.

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