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A surgical stapling system, apparatus and staple wherein a resilient staple has a relaxed closed configuration, is expanded into an open crescent shape, and finally is allowed to return to its closed configuration while simultaneously piercing and drawing together adjacent edges of an open incision ...

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A pattern forming method comprising a step of disposing a substrate with a coated film of photosensitive composition and a mask having a predetermined pattern in a first liquid which does not dissolve said coated film of photosensitive composition, and a step of exposing said coated film to light th ...

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The invention discloses a method of determining the position and orientation of an element (such as a platform) in space by determining the intersection of a line with a plane (or with another line). Three different implementations are disclosed.

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A novel apparatus and method for time-domain tracking of high-speed chemical reactions. The apparatus of this invention includes a feedback system for controlling the RF frequency of an RF radiator system to thereby provide the optimum RF frequency for heating the reaction. The apparatus and method ...

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A remote automatic utility reading system includes a reading control center for transmitting commands to and receiving measurement data from remote terminal units via a command responsive control unit. The control unit is characterized by a computer having a stored program of subroutines, one of whi ...

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An electronic cash register system for a food dispensing business comprises an electronic cash register main body and an order information entering unit. The entering unit is adapted to collect and store as order information the information concerning codes of the items such as foods and drinks orde ...

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A battery is charged by repeatedly alternating between test and charge cycles. During the test cycle, the dynamic voltage-current characteristic of the battery is obtained as a function of the charge condition of the battery. During the charge cycle, a gradually varying voltage is supplied to the ba ...

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An improved multiple article beverage package for cans or the like. The package is designed to contain a plurality of cans with the carrier being carried by a handle formed in the top panel of the carrier. An improved tear-out dispensing feature is provided in the subject package which is formed on ...

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A magnetic coupling device in which two assemblies of three coils are attached respectively to two mechanically independent bodies and form a radiator assembly and a sensor assembly. Each assembly defines a cartesian coordinate frame and is associated with a switching circuit controlled so that the ...

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A reading device which uses both optical character recognition techniques and magnetic reading are combined in a reader wherein the magnetic reading head stays at a fixed position while the optical reading aperture may be varied to accomodate different documents. The slot through which checks, credi ...