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Iron-silver battery comprising at least one positive silver electrode plate; at least one negative iron electrode plate; and at least one shunt electrode connected to and electrically in parallel with the positive plate comprising a material having a lower oxygen evolution potential than silver, eac ...

Sullivan Peter Albert: Decorative christmas tree. Sullivan Peter Albert, July 20, 1983: GB2112281-A (33 worldwide citation)

A decorative Christmas tree which can be built up to any required height with an integral wiring system moulded within the trunk and branches to supply power to permanently installed lampholders on the branches controlled in a number of separately switched and fused circuits. Also included is a circ ...

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N-Arylsulfonyl-N'-pyrimidinyl-harnstoffe der allgemeinen Formel und die Salze dieser Verbindungen mit Aminen, Alkali- oder Erdalkalimetallbasen oder mit quaternären Ammoniumbasen haben gute pre- und postemergent-selektive herbizide und wuchsregulierende Eigenschaften. In dieser Formel bedeuten R18 W ...

Foggini Massimo: Instrument mounting dashboard, particularly for motor vehicles.. Foggini & C, July 20, 1983: EP0083701-A2 (29 worldwide citation)

The dashboard comprises a plurality of modular elements (ES,EI), each formed from a polymeric -- preferably thermoplastic -- material, which are assembled together to form a central load-bearing structure that can be set up in various configurations and sizes; with the plurality of modular elements ...


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New peptide useful as an intermediate for the production of a physiologically active peptide.


Karami Hamzeh, Haulait Claude, Cooper Terence: Disposable elasticized panty and method. Colgate Palmolive Co, July 20, 1983: GB2112268-A (27 worldwide citation)

A disposable panty 10 and method of making the disposable panty wherein two panels 12, 14 are positioned so that four elasticized strips 24, 26, 38, 40 are bonded to the panels parallel to each other along edges 20, 22, 16, 18 of the said panels. An absorbent pad 50 is disposed between the said pane ...

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A comesitble container has a wall or envelope made from a plastics multilayer structure in which one layer is an oxygen barrier to guard against ingress of oxygen. The structure also comprises an activatable oxygenphilic substance, e.g. to deliquescent sulphite, between the barrier layer and the con ...

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Hydrocarbon oils 11, particularly petroleum residua, containing 20-2000 ppm by weight of metals and substantial amounts of sulfur are effectively catalytically hydrodemetallated by forming a three- phase slurry of said oil with hydrogen 19 and a solid hydrodemetallation catalyst 17 of 50 to 300 mesh ...