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Complexes of reconstituted collagen and demineralized bone particles or reconstituted collagen and a solubilized bone morphogenetic protein fabricated in a sponge suitable for in vivo implantation in osseous defects are disclosed. Both demineralized bone particles (DBP) and bone morphogenetic protei ...

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A flexible arm particularly a robot arm comprising a plurality of elements engaging each other and being arranged in a series, said elements being interconnected via cables and if desired a power transferring actuating device. The purpose of the invention is to provide an arm having very good rigidi ...

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A method of inserting deoxyribonucleic acid or fragments thereof into a living cell, which comprises; encapsulating the DNA or fragment in a lipid vesicle and bringing the vesicle in contact with said cell, whereby insertion occurs.

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A novel identification device permits its holder to prove his authority as holder thereof so as to largely prevent its abusive use. The said identification device consists of a handy small housing (1) comprising permanent storage means (10) with an alphanumerical character string forming a code stor ...

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Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium salts are employed as charge control agents for fusible dry electrophotographic toners.

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A remote control system capable of selectively controlling a desired one of plural devices in response to the transmission of remote control signals from a transmitter. A central control includes a decoder decoding a remote control signal so as to produce a corresponding device control signal, this ...