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A sterile assembly and method for protecting and affixing an indwelling device such as an elongated catheter, or pacer lead, in an incision in the human body includes an elongated, hollow tubular, sheath of transparent, relatively limp, impervious plastic having at its proximal end a dome of self-su ...

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A wound drainage device is provided which includes a manually operable suction pump having inlet and outlet ports, and a pliable fluid storage bag having a pair of plastic sheets in face-to-face contact and an inlet. The pump inlet port is adapted to be connected to a wound suction catheter for remo ...

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An immobilized enzyme electrode effective in measurement of the substrate concentration of the enzyme and in conversion from enzyme reaction energies into electric energies. The immobilized enzyme, of an oxidase system, such as glucose oxidase, amino acid oxidase, xanthine oxidase or the like and a ...

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A closed loop medication introduction system controls the rate at which medication is introduced into a patient in response to a monitored physiological condition. The system includes a monitor for monitoring the level or magnitude of the physiological condition and an infusion pump for introducing ...

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A programmable device for signal processing applications in which short loops of digital data are processed repetitively and in parallel. The device consist of five independently programmable subsystems whose functions are able to operate simultaneously. The apparatus is intended for use in a connec ...

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A remote tuner control system for responding to command signals transmitted by a user on a full-duplex communication channel. The tuner control system comprises a tone decoder coupled to the communication channel for conversion of pushbutton telephone tones generated by a user to binary numeric data ...

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A teletext interface is coupled between a television receiver and a medium storing a plurality of digitally encoded signals each representing a selected text/graphics character intended for transmission as a corresponding synthetic video signal during the active scanning intervals of a television si ...

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A system for precisely controlling the mass flow rate of vapor from a bubbler by a carrier gas stream.

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A process and apparatus for rendering visible an electrostatic charge image. The visible image is formed on the surface of a liquid by positioning a charge image adjacent the liquid at distances of about 10 to 1,000 .mu.m from the surface of the liquid without contacting the liquid.

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A microminiature cryogenic device for cooling in the milliwatt range includes a miniature refrigerator in which micron-sized fluid passages are defined in one or more internal surfaces of a laminate of glass or similar low thermal conductivity members by means of lithographic, etching or particle bl ...