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A connector which is adapted to be connected to a plastic cannula or a vein catheter comprises a tubular and/or conical portion that is adapted to be tightly joined to a parenteral solution supply needle and/or to a hose provided with a cone fitting. To ensure that a metal cannula or a vessel cathet ...

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An electrochemical measuring apparatus which essemtially comprises an asymmetric semipermeable membrane mounted on an immobilized enzyme membrane of an enzyme electrode, said asymmetric semipermeable membrane being essentially formed of a thin semipermeable layer exposed to the outside for contact w ...

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The present invention relates generally to the composition and method for reducing the permeability of subterranean formations penetrated by a wellbore. The composition of the present invention comprises a wellbore fluid having dispersed therein a fluid loss control agent comprising a polyester poly ...

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A teletext communications system comprises a transmitter, e.g. an orbiting satellite, transmitting multiple pages of a teletext encoded data service at selected times of the day, each teletext page including a first non-displayable auxiliary teletext data row defining a selected time interval and a ...

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A main control device comprises a plurality of lighting-control signal generators for generating lighting-control signals whose contents can be analogously varied, and a keyboard for specifying the contents of mode signals corresponding to those of the lighting-control signals. The lighting-control ...

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The flashlight of the invention includes an improved mechanism for selectively varying the light beam intensity and area. The mechanism includes a cam member, and abutting head and outer switch housing shoulders, which enable movement of the bulb forwardly and rearwardly relative to the light reflec ...

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The present invention provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising a pharmacologically active monocyclic peptide and a carrier comprising at least one of the following components:

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An electronic digital programmable wall thermostat system for controlling heating and cooling systems supplying an indoor area or space. The thermostat includes a digital clock, a display for displaying desired parameters of time and temperature and a data entry keyboard for programming the thermost ...

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Scrambling of a video signal in a pay TV system is effected in dependence upon a first variable which is changed recurrently, e.g. monthly, and a second variable which changes from field to field. For each field the second variable and other data are transmitted simultaneously with the video signal ...

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In making paper from an aqueous papermaking stock a binder comprising colloidal silicic acid and cationic starch is added to the stock for improving the paper or the retention of the stock components, or is added to the white water for reducing the pollution problems or recovering values from the wh ...