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An in-line data compression system which reduces the number of binary bits required to transmit a given text or similar message over a data network such as Telex or TWX. The compression unit can transmit or receive standard messages or can transmit compressed and encrypted messages to remote station ...

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A remote control system utilizes a portion of television receiver system to control an external appliance through the AC power supply line. The user enters an appliance control command into the keyboard of the television remote control unit. Inside the television receiver, the appliance control comm ...

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A color cathode ray tube display apparatus particularly for use under a wide range of ambient light conditions, such as in an aircraft cockpit, wherein each of the primary color phosphors has a unique brightness versus cathode drive characteristic, which characteristic also is dependent upon whether ...

James L Fergason: Liquid crystal display with improved angle of view and response times. Thomas H Murray, May 31, 1983: US04385806 (208 worldwide citation)

A nematic liquid crystal light shutter with improved angle of view by the incorporation of retardation plate means disposed in front of the liquid crystal cell to compensate for the off-axis performance of the device due to the birefringent nature of the liquid crystal material. When the transparent ...

Ronald L Fox: Downhole steam generator with improved preheating, combustion and protection features. The United States of America represented by the United States Department of Energy, May 31, 1983: US04385661 (194 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for generation of steam in a borehole for penetration into an earth formation wherein feedback preheater means are provided for the fuel and water before entering the combustor assembly. First, combustion gases are conducted from the combustion chamber to locations in proximity to the w ...

Oscar F Ruiz: Angiographic catheter with soft tip end. John Cyril Malloy, May 31, 1983: US04385635 (190 worldwide citation)

An angiographic catheter having a soft flexible, pliable leading tip zone consisting of elastomeric material wherein the tip zone of an axial length in the range between 1 and 10 millimeters, and wherein the catheter is composed of a main reinforced length and an intermediate zone between the tip zo ...

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This disclosure concerns currency identification systems for examining an authenticity characteristic of a detected currency and comparing it to an authenticity characteristic of a genuine currency to determine if the detected currency is genuine.

Ulrich Uthmann: Catheter. Max Fogiel, May 31, 1983: US04385631 (162 worldwide citation)

A catheter for puncturing blood vessels, particularly for vein punctures for hemo-dialysis. A section is insertable through a puncture opening into a blood vessel and a hose line following thereafter. The arrangement is in form of a double catheter in which two single catheters are associated for re ...

Raymond A Naramore: High speed duplicator with finishing function. Xerox Corporation, Bernard A Chiama, May 31, 1983: US04385827 (139 worldwide citation)

A collation/finishing system is disclosed for use with a very high speed, fully automated reproduction machine having a document handling apparatus, copy sheet processor, and a finishing station. In this arrangement, a sorter bin array is arranged to receive copy sheets on one side and to collate th ...

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A device for treating a human joint having damaged articular surfaces, for example an arthritic joint, comprises a cap of concavo-convex lenticular form and constructed of a bio-compatible material. The function of the cap is to mould cartilage covering the damaged articular surfaces. The radius of ...