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For continuous or intermittent monitoring or recording of the in vivo plasma pH of a patient, the patient's acid base status is established with performance of at least one in vitro determination on a blood sample from the patient, and for a period of some hours thereafter, the patient's in vivo pla ...

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The method of the present invention involves a two-phase process for in-situ retorting and recovery of carbonaceous material contained within typical subterranean tar sand formations, and includes formation of conventional arrays of in-seam ducts, and positioning heating devices to heat a section of ...

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Oil shale is retorted, preferably in situ, by passing velocity flow of super-heated air through one or more conduit-like passages in direct contact with exposed surfaces of oil shale. Kerogen pyrolysis products are recovered by condensation of the vapors and collection of the condensate and by colle ...

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An implantable medical device to deliver cardioverting energy to cardiac tissue in synchrony with detected ventricular depolarizations. The energy renders refractory, areas of the heart associated with a reciprocating or automatic tachycardia, thus reverting these tachyarrhythmias to normal sinus rh ...

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A system for diagnosing and controlling operation of a plurality of modems, some located at a central site and others at various remote sites. A processor located at the central site selectively addresses microprocessor test and control units at each modem over a secondary channel. The microprocesso ...

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Microspheres, prepared by solvent removal from an oil-in-water emulsion using carboxylic acid salt surfactant, e.g., sodium oleate as the emulsifier.

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A deviated borehole is drilled with a rotary drilling technique in which the drill string is vibrated at a suitable frequency and amplitude to reduce the friction of the drill string against the lower side of the borehole and to promote the free movement of the drill string therein.