David T Green: Surgical stapler apparatus with pivotally mounted actuator assemblies. United States Surgical Corporation, Robert R Jackson, John E Nathan, May 17, 1983: US04383634 (551 worldwide citation)

Surgical stapler apparatus in which the actuator elements can be pivoted out of the actuator housing to facilitate cleaning of the apparatus between uses without disassembly of the apparatus.

Howard R Stillwell, Roosevelt A Fernandes: Transponder unit for measuring temperature and current on live transmission lines. General Electric Company, Robert A Cahill, May 17, 1983: US04384289 (211 worldwide citation)

A toroidal shaped transponder unit is connected to a live power transmission line by means of a tripping mechanism and a hinge assembly. The unit includes means for sensing the temperature and current of the power transmission line and for transmitting the information to a local receiver. The toroid ...

Henry L Webster: Iontophoretic electrode device, method and gel insert. Wescor, Mallinckrodt & Mallinckrodt, May 17, 1983: US04383529 (203 worldwide citation)

An iontophoretic electrode device, method, and hydrophilic, hydrated gel insert for the electrode device all involve a preformed, shape-retaining, gel body preferably of disc formation having mutually opposite, parallel faces. An agar gel disc having an ionic drug diffused throughout is the preferre ...

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A coin processing machine includes a hopper that empties into a coin splitting chute with divergent spouts to deliver a half batch of coins to each of two coin sorters operating in parallel. The receptacle is disposed on a counter top to discharge coins along a coin feeding path from the receptacle ...

Lawrence F Sonnabend: Liquid emulsion polymers useful as pH responsive thickeners for aqueous systems. The Dow Chemical Company, May 17, 1983: US04384096 (177 worldwide citation)

Novel aqueous liquid emulsion polymers are prepared by the copolymerization of (A) about 15-60 weight percent of a C.sub.3 -C.sub.8 .alpha.,.beta.-ethylenically unsaturated carboxylic acid monomer, preferably acrylic or methacrylic acid or a mixture thereof with itaconic or fumaric acid, (B) about 1 ...

Charles A Walton: Portable radio frequency emitting identifier. Gerald L Moore, May 17, 1983: US04384288 (149 worldwide citation)

An automatic identification system wherein a portable identifier, preferably shaped like a credit card, incorporates an oscillator and encoder so as to generate a programmable pulse position-modulated signal in the radio frequency range for identification of the user. The identifier can be made to g ...

Wally E Rippel: Unity power factor switching regulator. California Institute of Technology, Freilich Hornbaker Wasserman Rosen & Fernandez, May 17, 1983: US04384321 (136 worldwide citation)

A single or multiphase boost chopper regulator operating with unity power factor, for use such as to charge a battery is comprised of a power section for converting single or multiphase line energy into recharge energy including a rectifier (10), one inductor (L.sub.1) and one chopper (Q.sub.1) for ...

Laurentius M Verhoeven: Bridge connector for electrically connecting two pins. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, May 17, 1983: US04383724 (127 worldwide citation)

Jumper connector for multiple parallel pins. This connector has a central leg and one pair of branched contacts on each side. Each pair of branched contacts engage a pin from a printed circuit board.

Theresa Cea, Joseph D Posta, Michael Glass: Encapsulated APM and method of preparation. Warner Lambert Company, Gary M Nath, May 17, 1983: US04384004 (119 worldwide citation)

The present invention comprises the encapsulation of the artificial sweetener L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester (APM) within a coating material including cellulose ethers, cellulose esters, certain vinyl polymers, gelatin and zein, in a ratio of coating material to APM to 1:1 or less. Shelf st ...

Stewart A Roston: Orthopedic support apparatus for infants. Arthur L Plevy, May 17, 1983: US04383713 (113 worldwide citation)

A support apparatus for infants is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a planar sheet fabricated from a relatively high pile material to which a Velcro fastener can be secured. Located on the planar sheet is a pillow member having a central aperture and a dependent outer flange which angularly slopes ...