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The device comprises a dressing made from a porous material (11) intended for placing against tissues, for example skin, the material being synthetic or organic and being distinguished by communicating cavities in the form of open pores, interdigitating gaps in particle material or communicating cav ...

George R Rabuse: Staple supporting and staple removing strip. Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company, Cruzan Alexander, Donald M Sell, John C Barnes, May 10, 1983: US04382326 (193 worldwide citation)

A staple-supporting strip for use with staples when binding documents together which affords removal and retention of the staples without detrimental affect on the document. The staple-supporting strip comprises two narrow layers of tough flexible polymeric material between about 0.1 and 0.15 mm thi ...

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A transmission system develops a binary encoded data train having a message and a header preceding the message. The data train is applied to a carrier frequency to modulate the carrier using FSK techniques. The header includes synch signals, one or more address signals, a message length signal and c ...

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An anti-theft system which is armed only when a hand-held coded transmitter is operated; the system is disarmed upon a subsequent operation of the transmitter. Whenever the transmitter is operated, the horn beeps, and the lights flash; this provides both verification that the system is armed, and se ...

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A scanning radiographic system employing a multi-linear array. The system includes a source of electronic radiation, which is focused upon the multi-linear array. The multi-linear array includes radiation sensors each of which is adapted to generate an intensity signal as a function of the amount of ...

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An electronic system and method including a user programmable thermostat for measuring temperature at the situs of the measurement unit and for signaling and controlling a remotely located energy controller which is connected to the programmable thermostat. By utilizing a multiplexed signal communic ...

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Information defining elements of a picture is estimated by interpolation using information from related locations in preceding and succeeding versions of the picture. The related locations are determined by forming an estimate of the displacement of objects in the picture. Displacement estimates are ...

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A liquid-jet apparatus comprises a tank, a sub-tank to contain the liquid supplied from the tank, a liquid-ejecting head to eject the liquid supplied from the sub-tank, a suction mechanism which diminishes the inner pressure of the sub-tank followed by sucking the interior of the head.

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Gas is produced in situ from an underground formation of carbonaceous material by passing a controlled direct electrical current through the formation.

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Instrument for spinal treatment comprising a rod with hooks for engaging the vertebrae and means for locking the hooks at selected positions and angles on the rod. A cover is provided to prevent accidental disengagement of the hooks.