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The combustible component of a gas stream of low heating value is combusted using less than a stoichiometric amount of oxygen under conditions for the suppression of carbon monoxide including the presence of an oxidation catalyst and a small amount of arsine, and the heat energy in the combusted gas ...

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An elasticized waist diaper in which a layer of elastic material is positioned in an opening in the waist area of a diaper. The elastic layer is located such that it forms a portion of the waist edge of the diaper. The elastic layer may be formed from the same piece of elastic material as is used fo ...

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An absorbent article, such as a disposable diaper, is disclosed which includes a moisture permeable facing layer, a backing layer, and an absorbent layer disposed between said facing and backing layers and including at least one pocket containing a uniform admixture of discrete superabsorbent partic ...

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A paging receiver demodulates a carrier wave modulated with a paging signal code and a plurality of information key codes, respectively. The demodulated information key codes are decoded by a receiver when its own paging signal code is detected. The receiver contains a plurality of words correspondi ...

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A quaternized polymer having recurring units of the formula ##STR1## wherein X.sup..crclbar. represents an anion derived from an organic or mineral acid;

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A hydrodynamic bearing system for a motor. The motor is illustrated and described as driving a pump for an artificial heart. The motor stator has a cylindrical bore which is closed at one end. The rotor is slidable and rotatable in the bore. The rotor has affixed to its shaft an impeller with its ou ...

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The invention is a dual-range drive system for synchronous and induction generators which may provide primary power for aircraft systems. In a first embodiment, utilization of a toroidal drive (10) in combination with a planetary drive (37) enables variable speed mechanical output from an engine (24 ...

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A wide angle objective of the retrofocus type, with an increased aperture, is disclosed. This objective comprises three lens groups of which the first counting from the front has a negative power and includes, from front to rear, a positive lens in the meniscus form convex toward the front, a negati ...

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A photoelectrochemical system for conducting endoergic chemical processes driven by light energy. This system consists essentially of an illuminated halfcell and a darkened halfcell joined via electrodes and an external circuit to allow for the transport of electrons. Also, the said halfcells are jo ...

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Highly absorbent low density fibrous structures such as webs or batts formed from mixtures of powdered or microcrystalline hydrogel preparations with surfactant treated filler materials having a particle size equal to or greater than the hydrogel particle size. Absorbent materials of the invention e ...