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The disclosure relates to a multipolar probe using radiofrequency energy to reshape the cornea of an eye. The surface of the cornea is flushed continuously with a conductive coolant during operation.

Trevor Lambert: Selective viewing. Adams Russell Co, Charles Hieken, April 26, 1983: US04381522 (447 worldwide citation)

A cable television system includes a minicomputer that responds to signals from viewers desiring to see particular television program material to provide a schedule video signal that is broadcast over a program schedule channel carrying a video signal representative of television programs to be broa ...

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A system for measuring ultrasonic (50 Khz-10 Mhz) velocity and attenuation in core samples employs transmitting and receiving transducers for generating and receiving ultrasonic energy in a core sample. The transducer and core sample are contained in a high pressure cell. The transducers are isolate ...

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Microprocessor controlled apparatus is provided for automatically diagnosing faults in a heat pump system. Temperature sensors located at strategic points in the system are read periodically in accordance with a preprogrammed diagnostic routine. Temperature measurements preferably representing compa ...

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Electronic solid state circuitry incorporating the microprocessor for automatically controlling document handling apparatus. Sheets are advanced from a stack of sheets arranged in an infeed stacker and are moved one at a time at high speed through an examining location where sensors examine the shee ...

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Logic circuitry in a portable electronic device is combined with the microprocessor to reduce power consumption in the microprocessor and its associated memories during inactive periods of the device, with periodic sampling for inputs from peripherals or received data which would require active oper ...

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The present invention relates to a point-to-multipoint or broadcast TDMA or FDMA satellite arrangement wherein each up-link message unit is intended for reception at one or more geographically dispersed remote receiving sites within a wide service area. In one arrangement of a TDMA or FDMA satellite ...

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This invention relates to a plastic or thermoplastic container designed to exhibit non-paneling of its sidewall due to reduction in pressure within the container. The container itself is provided with a yieldable bottom endwall especially constructed to compensate against the effects of reduced inte ...

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A weatherproof cover assembly includes a housing and a pivotally attached cover in a configuration in which no gasket is required between the cover and the housing. The housing includes a base having an aperture therethrough, an outer wall and an inner wall. The cover includes a flange which is loca ...

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An apparatus for cooling a high-density integrated circuit package including a base in which the circuit package is mounted and a heat exchanger which mounts on the base to enclose the circuit package and carry away the heat generated by operation thereof by means of a fluid coolant which is passed ...