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A decorative plastic sheet material having intersecting tear lines formed in the surface of the sheet material whereby the material may be torn by hand in more than one direction. The decorative sheet material is composed of a polymeric material incorporating a dispersed phase. The sheet material is ...

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A tool for applying fasteners to fasten an article to the workpiece. A compressible foot is provided to limit the drive distance of a plunger to position dependent upon the thickness of the article. A drive groove in the tool provides support for the fastener until it is driven into the workpiece. T ...

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A group of 6-hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)benzoyl]benzo[b]thiophen es are prepared by acylation of a methyl-protected starting compound followed by demethylation in a single reaction mixture.

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A mounting structure secures to a selected portion of the human body, e.g., the head, a limb, or the torso, and incorporates light source and light detecting means adapted for association with spectrophotometric circuitry for in situ, in vivo monitoring of local metabolism in the area of the body wh ...

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Preventive as well as therapeutic treatment to alleviate the symptoms of disorders characterized by cracking, flaking, or scaling of the skin consisting of the topical application of a solution, lotion, gel, stick, powder, cream or ointment containing as active ingredients one or more hydroxy acid o ...

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In the batch process for copolymerizing tetrafluoroethylene and selected comonomers to prepare a copolymer thereof, the improvement which comprises employing a perfluoroalkylethane sulfonic acid or its salts as the dispersing agent.

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An electronic interlock for providing improved security in a revenue collection receptacle includes a mechanism on a removable cash container for generating a coded electronic signal which is coupled to a mechanism for decoding the coded signal mounted to the receptacle, and a mechanism responsive t ...

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An improved catheter probe includes a conductivity sensor comprising four electrodes configured and spaced to be electrically coupled together by vascular fluids. A current source is provided for driving current through the vascular fluid between one pair of electrodes, and voltage sensing means is ...

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Control apparatus for manipulator welding apparatus is provided that includes a vision correction system for workpiece sensing. During an initial teach mode, the manipulator is taught the desired welding path on a workpiece by the appropriate recording of data representing the welding path as an ope ...

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There is disclosed a novel apparatus and process for melt-blowing from fiberforming thermoplastic molten polymers to form fine fibers by extruding through orifices in nozzles the molten polymer at low melt viscosity at high temperatures where the molten fibers are accelerated to near sonic velocity ...