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An indicator for a surgical stapler viewable through a window adjacent the handle when the stapler magazine is within a spaced relation range to the stapler anvil; whereby, the staples are properly deformed and the stapled tissue is not inordinately crushed.

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An apparatus for processing multidimensional data with strong spatial characteristics, such as raw image data, characterized by a large number of parallel data streams in an ordered array, comprises a large number (e.g. 16,384 in a 128.times.128 array) of parallel processing elements operating simul ...

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A dosage form that coadministers a drug and a percutaneous absorption enhancer to a defined area of the skin. The dosage form comprises a body that contains supplies of drug and enhancer and has a basal surface that contacts the area of skin and transmits the drug and enhancer to the area for absorp ...

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A catheter electrode assembly having four equally spaced in-line electrodes along the exterior of the sheath at the distal end and are interconnected to terminals at the proximal end by sets of individually insulated stranded stainless steel wire. The catheter electrode assembly is used for spinal c ...

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An FM broadcasting system is disclosed for transmitting a data signal simultaneously with an auxiliary audio program on the same subcarriers of an FM transmission channel. The main program is transmitted on the FM transmission channel carrier and the auxiliary audio program, which may be background ...

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An in situ self-diagnostic automotive alternator battery charging system is disclosed. Included are: a battery; voltage regulator sensing battery voltage and generating an excitation signal; and an alternator driven by a vehicle engine provide a rectified electrical signal to charge the battery in r ...

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A system for encoding digital data to be transmitted by way of the scan lines of a television video signal includes interface circuitry for receiving data from a number of input devices each operating at a particular data rate, and encoding processing circuitry which takes the data received by the i ...

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In capacitive systems comprising a dielectric sheet 11 having a first electrode 12 on one side, and on the other side in capacitive relation with the first electrode 12, second and third electrodes 13, 14 which are mutually spaced by a gap 15 especially for use in touch control switches, it is desir ...

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Metal salts of pyridinethione useful in shampoos, creme rinses and other hair care compositions to deliver antidandruff benefits while not detracting as much as previous pyridinethione salts from the compositions' aesthetics. Compositions containing such salts are also included.