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Ethyl acetate cannot be completely removed from ethanol and water mixtures by distillation because of the presence of the minimum ternary azeotrope. Ethyl acetate can be readily removed from mixtures containing it, ethanol and water by using extractive distillation in which the extractive distillati ...

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A fixed high frequency oscillator, variable frequency divider, and low frequency timer are provided to produce a high frequency output pulse group which is terminated at different intervals by both the variable frequency divider and the timer. The characteristics of the frequency divider may be vari ...

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An apparatus and method are disclosed for forming a fibrous workpiece comprised of a layer of randomly disposed fibers and adhesive material dispersed throughout the fibers for binding same upon heating and compressing the fibers and adhesive material to define a unitary pad wherein the apparatus co ...

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Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape having a photopolymerized acrylate polymer adhesive which has been crosslinked by a polyacrylic-functional crosslinking monomer such as trimethyol-propane triacrylate.

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Curved last soles for athletic shoes are disclosed, including one embodiment wherein cleats are arranged with gripping edges in the arch and heel that are perpendicular to the longitudinal axis passing therethrough, whereas in the toe cleats are arranged with gripping edges that are aligned in rows ...

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An absorbent impervious barrier fabric in the form of a laminate has a fibrous section including a mat of polymeric melt blown microfibers and an impervious polymeric film adjacent said mat, said fibrous section and film being united in compacted bond regions formed by the application of heat and pr ...

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A speech scrambling system using discrete prolate spheroidal sequence coefficients (PC). The problem is to provide high fidelity and high security in a scrambling system while limiting the bandwidth of the scrambled signal to the bandwidth of the original speech signal. The disclosed system uses PC ...

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A process performed by the manufacturer for testing integrated circuits (ICs) to insure better quality and higher reliability thereof and to eliminate the need for incoming inspection and board level testing by the chip customer. In the embodiment disclosed, in-process testing, wafer-probe testing, ...

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A novel sand control method is disclosed wherein high viscosity, high sand concentration, fracturing fluids are pumped through sets of vertically oriented perforations in borehole casings located in unconsolidated or loosely consolidated pay zones. Various techniques are utilized to insure that sand ...

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An article handling apparatus including a generally vertical plate is disclosed for contacting and pushing articles along a generally horizontal surface. The plate is connected to a movable endless cable which is carried about the periphery of a pair of spaced wheels. A hollow dividing rail is suppo ...