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Low heating value gases are combusted substoichiometrically in two combustion zones in series in contact with two different supported platinum catalysts in which the concentration of platinum in the catalyst in the first zone is higher than the concentration of platinum in the second catalyst. The c ...

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An artifical endocrine gland for supplying a hormone to a patient including an implantable housing placed in the body and having an impermeable extracorpeal segment and a semipermeable subcutaneous segment. A replaceable envelope containing live hormone-producing cells such as pancreatic islet cells ...

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An optical device coupling light between a first light waveguide and either a second light waveguide or a radiation source characterized by the first light waveguide having a core of a predetermined cross-sectional area, a reflective layer or mirror of a high reflectance being disposed on an angle t ...

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Receive and transmit paths, for example for frequency shift keyed signals, are coupled to an interface circuit including a line transformer which is permanently connected to the telephone line via a high impedance. The effect of this high impedance on received signals is counteracted by an amplifier ...

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A coating and integral treatment for improving the biophysical stability of bioprosthetic devices after implantation, particularly with respect to calcification, and, specifically, a method for treating animal tissues, such as heart valves, to provide improved biophysical stability in allograft and ...

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A scanning laser contaminant and defect detector for reflective surfaces, having a light collector for increasing sensitivity to scattered light. The collector is preferably one quadrant of a spherical shell cradled between V-shaped reflective side walls. The collector has beam entrance and exit por ...

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The hypodermic syringe of this invention is of simplified construction and employs a retracted needle contained within a housing, which needle is driven to inject a dose of medication by pressing the housing against the patient's skin. The syringe has a minimum of parts and may be easily and inexpen ...

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An elongated, elastic tube provides a brace for wrapping about a person's knee or other part of the body. The brace is wrapped about the knee in a criss-cross fashion wherein four diagonal members intersect at four points surrounding the knee cap, i.e., top, bottom and each side. The brace is held i ...

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An amplifier system comprising at least two tracking switching regulators or a dual-output regulator, which regulators vary the voltage across the output stage at the signal or its envelope rate.

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The inner surface of a hollow article of special shape such as a pipe elbow or bellows is lined with a tightly fitted protective lining material by the steps of emplacing the lining material within the hollow article to confront the inner surface thereof, causing the temperature of the hollow articl ...