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A Fabry-Perot filter device comprising a pair of low index substrates having a refractive index of less than 2.4 and mounted in parallel relationship so as to present facing sides to each other in an optical path. A coating is placed on the facing sides of each of said low index substrates, the coat ...

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This disclosure describes transparent glass window structures of the type bearing a coating of infra-red reflective material which is advantageously less than about 0.85 microns in thickness and wherein the observance of iridescence resulting from such a reflective coating is markedly reduced by pro ...

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The present invention is directed to an opaque, biaxially oriented polymeric film structure of lustrous satin appearance comprising a thermoplastic core matrix having a strata of voids; said voids being created by the inclusion within the matrix material of spherical void-initiating solid particles ...

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This invention relates to a tissue adhesive used in mammals for among other things to connect tissue or organs, in sealing wounds, stopping bleeding and healing wounds. The adhesive comprises specified amounts of factor XIII, fibrinogen, cold-insoluble globulin and albumin and plasminogen-activator ...

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An audience polling system includes a plurality of wireless transmitters, each transmitter capable of transmitting a pulse of electromagnetic energy on a selected one of a group of predetermined frequencies. Each frequency selected on which to transmit corresponds to one of a group of suggested resp ...

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A cryosurgical instrument having a cooling mode and a rapid warming or defrost mode is provided with a first conduit through which refrigerant gas is metered to undergo a Joule-Thomson or isoenthalpic expansion adjacent the tip of the instrument to cool the tip. The tip is defrosted by admitting a l ...

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4-Aza-17.beta.-substituted-5.alpha.-androstan-3-ones and their A-homo analogs of the formula: ##STR1## where Formula (I) may also have the structure of partial Formulas (II) and/or (III);

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Athletic shoes with removable outsoles are disclosed. Each upper is designed to fit an individual foot and ankle of a particular wearer and such upper is provided with an insole securely and permanently connected therewith. Each insole terminates along its peripheral margin with one part of a bead-a ...

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A playing card dispenser comprising: (a) at least two compartments each appropriately sized to accommodate a stack of playing cards; (b) an exterior opening leading from each compartment and from which playing cards can be withdrawn one at a time; (c) a cover selectively placeable about any compartm ...

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A collapsible container comprising collapsible stepped walls which are formed by alternating substantially horizontal surfaces and substantially vertical surfaces.