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A molecule selective sensor having two permeable membranes in contacting relationship with each other, one membrane being a protein membrane found in nature, as for example, hog intestine membrane, air bladder of fish, epidermal section of mammals and reptiles, etc. and the other membrane being the ...

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A system for controlling a channel/band selective microcomputer programmed indirect frequency synthesis tuner is disclosed. Separate groups of VHF, UHF or CATV channels are programmed by means of a key switch having various positions of engagement corresponding to individual groups of channels. Foll ...

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Microwave applicator with cooling mechanism for intracavitary treatment of cancer comprises a jacket with means for delivering water, air or a combination of water and air into the jacket to control the external and internal jacket temperature and temperature of surrounding tissues.

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A composite tool having a preferred use as a surgical instrument has coacting resilient elongated members connected at one end to each other and movable towards and away from each other at the respective sized and shaped free ends to define a forceps or tweezers, and a scalpel blade supporting assem ...

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An encryption and decryption circuit and method using subkeys which is therefore particularly useful for the encryption and decryption of database information. Each data field has a corresponding write key and a different read key. A database record is encrypted by multiplying each field by its corr ...

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A device for applying compressive pressures against a patient's limb from a source of fluid comprising, a sleeve for placement about the patient's limb and having at least one inflatable chamber. The compressive device has a device for intermittently inflating and deflating the chamber, a first cond ...

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The d.c. power supplied by a photovoltaic solar panel to a load is controlled by monitoring the slope of the panel voltage vs. current characteristic and adjusting the current supplied by the panel to the load so that the slope is approximately unity. The slope is monitored by incrementally changing ...

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Disclosed are apparatus and method for the determination of functional capability of bodies. Reach as well as velocity, acceleration and force generation at various positions may be determined for a body by a three dimensional kinesimeter equipped with an ergometer. A general data package indicative ...

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A fully enclosed carrier carton for bottles or the like having removable portions to provide access to the contents of the carton without destroying the integrity of the carton for reuse.

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A process for obtaining useful products from an oil shale formation that has intermixed nahcolite and dawsonite. An aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide, containing a surfactant, is injected into the formation via wells. The sodium hydroxide reacts with the nahcolite to yield a sodium carbonate solu ...