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A foldable respirator fabricated from a continuous multilayered web of its composite materials and offering optimum edge-to-face seal with avoidance of inhalation collapse during use.

Anderson Ian Mcarthur: Method and system for aseptically filling a container with fluid.. Wrightcel, February 23, 1983: EP0072699-A1 (54 worldwide citation)

A method and system for aseptic-filling of containers. The flexible containers (1) are presterilized and a rupturable membrane (41) covers the inlet to the container, The filling head (20) includes a recess (46) below the outlet valve (22) and this recess is closed by the rupturable membrane when th ...

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A device, particularly suited for weighing loads carried on pallets, featuring a low-profile, non-platform, U-shaped, shear-beam load cell scale adapted to receive a load moved by a pallet mover. The forks on the pallet mover can be lowered to the point where they are free of contact with the loaded ...

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A filtering apparatus including a thickener tank (1) having tubular filter units (5) suspended therein. A liquid-solids suspension is supplied to the tank (1) and an overflow pipe (9) is spaced in a filtrate compartment (3) above the filter units (5) for draining a filtrate liquid from the tank (1). ...

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Compounds of the formula: wherein: R represents a hydrogen atom, a C2-3 alkyl group, a 1-hydroxyethyl group or a 1-hydroxy-1-methylethyl group; R represents a group of formula: in which, X represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, a cyanoalkyl group, a haloalkyl group, an alkoxyalkyl group, an alk ...

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An electronico-mechanical automatic system for the production of audio and/or video tape cassettes, cartridges or the like comprises a central memory store (25) of pieces for recording on the cassettes, cartridges or the like, a computer (11, 12) with an input device (13) for pre- recorded instructi ...

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There is disclosed an improved lubricating oil dispersant suitable for both gasoline engine and diesel engine lubricating oil, the dispersant being prepared in a sequential process whereby a polyolefin succinic anhydride is reacted first with an alkylene polyamide and subsequently with maleic anhydr ...

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A process is provided for preparing ergoline derivatives I substituted phenyl, unsubstituted phenyl, (CH2)nN(CH3)2 wherein n is an integer, R5 = any of values of R6 or H, pyridyl, pyrimidyl, pyrazinyl, pyridazinyl, thiazolyl or thiadiazolyl. The process comprises condensing an ergoline amide (I; 8-s ...

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1. Process for the preparation of an antigenic capsular bacterial polysaccharide from a culture medium or a solution containing it comprising at least one precipitation step by formation of a complex between a polyionic derivative of the medium - which polyionic derivative is at least said polysacch ...