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Laminate of nonwoven fabric having unique properties suitable especially for use as a recreational fabric in the manufacture of tents, outer garments, tarpaulins and the like. The laminate includes, as essential components, an outer spunbonded layer treated for resistance to ultraviolet radiation an ...

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The invention relates to new carboxyalkyl dipeptide derivatives and related compounds which are useful as antihypertensives.

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A ring applicator device and method for applying an elastic occluding ring to an anatomical tubular structure which comprises an inner cylinder slidably disposed within an outer cylinder, forceps means slidably disposed within said inner cylinder, and means for moving said forceps means into and out ...

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The disclosure is directed to a vent adapter for an ear tip coupling for use with a modular "In The Ear" hearing aid. The ear tip has a bulbous distal tip portion with a sound delivering aperture and a plurality of vent apertures therein. In the assembly, the sound aperture of the ear tip is connect ...

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Microfibrillated celluloses having properties distinguishable from all previously known celluloses, are produced by passing a liquid suspension of cellulose through a small diameter orifice in which the suspension is subjected to a pressure drop of at least 3000 psig and a high velocity shearing act ...

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A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device in which layers of silicon nitride and silicon oxide are etched by bringing the layers into contact with constituents of a plasma which is formed in a gas mixture which contains a fluoride compound and an oxygen compound. By addition of from 1 to 15% ...

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In the manufacture of a CMOS device, oxide is etched away from polysilicon gate-level interconnects, and from source or drain regions of either conductivity type to which the polysilicon gate-level interconnect is desired to be connected. A metal is then deposited, and silicide is formed to connect ...

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A rapid arc extinguishing assembly includes an arc chute comprising a large number of essentially parallel deionizing plates each in form of thin magnetically permeable, electrically conductive plates bent in U-shape, with the curve of the U facing the circuit breaker contacts and the arms thereof i ...

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Source data is organized by a time compression memory (4) into a plurality of successive groups of data words arranged in a pattern of rows and columns with the rows corresponding to respective recording tracks. A plurality of successive groups of parity check words is provided in the same pattern o ...

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An improved body stimulation lead wherein the electrode is isolated from extraneous forces imparted to the lead body. In a preferred embodiment, a plurality of lobes are formed in the lead body, the lobes being engageable with body tissue to maintain the position of the electrode and being deformabl ...