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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft die Verwendung von neuen und bekannten Dihydropyridinen in Arzneimitteln mit positiv inotroper Wirkung der allgemeinen Formel I in welcher n, R, R, R , R, R, R und R die in der Beschreibung angegebene Bedeutung besitzen, neue Verbindungen aus dieser Stoffklasse, di ...


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A paint kettle comprises a carrier (1, 2) and a disposable liner (6), so that when it is desired to change from one paint to another, it is merely necessary to remove the liner (6) and replace it with a new one.

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A pulse generator is operative to produce a series of very short, high energy pulses by allowing a reactive network to charge periodically from a d.c. power supply over a relatively long interval, and then rapidly discharging the accumulated energy into a load. The generator is intended for use in a ...

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7-Amino-azolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine der Formel worin R gegebenenfalls substituiertes Alkyl, Halogen, Alkoxi, Cyano, Cycloalkyl, Aryl, Aryloxi, Arylthio, Arylalkyl, Arylalkoxi, Arylalkylthio, mit dem Phenylring annelliertes Benzol, Indan oder Tetrahydronaphthalin, welche gegebenenfalls substituiert sind, ...

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A flexible, liquid-absorbent, adhesive bandage includes a backing element and a substrate attached to the backing element. The substrate comprises a homogeneous, hydrophilic, stable matrix including a solid phase formed of a synthetic polymer and/or a long chain polysaccharide, or a combination ther ...

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Methods, compositions and products for interrupting or preventing the spread of harmful respiratory viruses and so inhibiting the spread of diseases, including the common cold, in which one or more carboxylic acids such as citric, malic, succinic and benzoic acids are applied in an effective amount ...