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A dual filter element exhaust cleaner and burner system for diesel engines provides for the trapping of particulates in the engine exhaust gases by their passage through filter elements, as selectively controlled by means of a four-way valve. Collected particulates in a non-active particulate filter ...

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In a pupil divisional type focusing position detection apparatus of the type capable of detecting the infocus state of a taking lens based on a phase difference of output signals produced from at least one photosensor array for receiving rays of image formation light from the exit pupil of the takin ...

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This invention relates to a self-contained circulation sub which may be operated upon control from the surface. It may be in the shape of a short section of drill collar and utilizes a sleeve valve to cover the circulation ports. Upon reception of an acoustic signal from the surface, a control valve ...

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Flooring felt containing glass fibers, cellulosic fibers, synthetic fibers, particulate inorganic filler, latex binder and calcium hydroxide.

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An improved pressure swing adsorption device built using a modular concept and comprising a surge tank unit and a combined bed and control unit, each of those units being separately replaceable and separately usable. The valves and other controls are constructed in a modular manner and fit onto the ...

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A vacuum transport system for intermittently transporting sewage from a source to a collection station through a vacuum conduit under the differential influence of positive atmospheric pressure at the source and substantially lower or vacuum pressure in the vacuum conduit between a primary control v ...

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Process for the preparation of ethylidene diacetate by hydrogenating acetic anhydride in the presence of a heterogeneous palladium catalyst and a silica-alumina material.

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A semiconductor integrated circuit supporter on which a heating element is dielectrically provided, said supporter comprising a package, printed circuit board, mother board, etc. for supporting a semiconductor integrated circuit which includes devices such as transistors.

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An electrode structure on a matrix type liquid crystal display panel includes M column electrodes and N row electrodes both of which cross each other at a right angle to define picture elements via a layer of liquid crystal material. The matrix shaped electrode structure is such that a third picture ...

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Flexible, resilient, polyurethane foam having improved flame retardancy and intumescent properties is prepared from a reaction mixture comprising a polyether polyol, an organic polyisocyanate, a blowing agent, a surfactant, a catalyst, a flame retardant, and hydrated alumina. Alternatively, the mixt ...