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A polymer-modified polyol is formed by polymerizing an olamine, particularly an alkanolamine, with an organic polyisocyanate in the presence of a polyol. The alkanolamine reacts polyfunctionally with the polyisocyanate to produce polyaddition products.

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A method and composition for a film forming antimicrobial material for animal skin wherein said film is resistant to body fluids and provides long term protection against microorganisms. The composition comprises an alcohol soluble carboxylated polycrylate wherein is added an antimicrobial agent, a ...

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Apparatus is provided to permit a processor to interrupt computer input/output operations and later resume the same operations. The apparatus disconnects the input/output device involved in the operations from the channel to free the channel for other operations during the suspension.

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The use of certain prepolymers of 4,4'-methylenebis(phenyl isocyanate), in place of the latter diisocyanate itself in the preparation of polyurethane-polyureas using aromatic diamine extenders, has a number of advantages particularly when the compositions are prepared by reaction injection molding t ...

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A syringe comprises a main tubular body, the body being open at one end and receiving a hypodermic needle at the other end, and a plunger, one end of the plunger extending into the body, through the open end thereof, the plunger having a longitudinal passageway therein permitting air flow therethrou ...

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A motor vehicle having a pair of front drive wheels and a rear steerable drive wheel mounted on a main frame. A sub-frame secured to the main frame intermediate the front and rear drive wheels carries an internal combustion engine and a pump assembly. The pump assembly has a first pump operable to d ...

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Compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein X is an imino acid or ester and R.sub.1 is hydrogen, ##STR2## are useful hypotensive agents due to their angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition activity.

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The disclosure relates to a technique for radio frequency heating of hydrocarbonaceous earth formations in which a high power radio frequency transmitter is impedance matched to a transmission line including a plurality of conductors at least partially embedded in the formation to be heated. The imp ...

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A machine control system for sensing an obstruction in the path of a machine tool and preventing movement of the tool along its path while requiring operator initiation for each machine tool actuation. A sensor is mounted on a movable support rod and adjustably positioned to move along a path coaxia ...

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An improved amusement or game device is disclosed which is of the type that has a number of rotatable reels having symbols or other indicia on the outer surface thereof, which reels are rotated and subsequently preferably sequentially stopped during each play. The game device has an operating handle ...