Tarran Jones
Tarran Phil K: Ensemble doutils de sauvetage, Emergency rescue axe device. Tarran Phil K, OSLER HOSKIN & HARCOURT, February 15, 1983: CA1141107

EMERGENCY RESCUE AXE DEVICE Abstract of the Invention A combination tool is disclosed particularly suitablefor emergency rescue applications, generally composed oftwo pivotally connected elongate handle members having anaxe head and pick head mounted respectively thereon. Thehandle members may be lo ...

Robert E Fischell: Implantable, programmable medication infusion system. The Johns Hopkins University, Robert E Archibald, Marc A Block, Samuel L Sachs, February 15, 1983: US04373527 (664 worldwide citation)

An implantable programmable medication infusion system comprises an implantable portion (2) having a medication reservoir (10) at below body pressure and isolated at its input from the body in which it is implanted by an antechamber (8) the pressure integrity of which is checked before filling the m ...

Louis A Errede, James D Stoesz, George D Winter deceased: Composite wound dressing. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Cruzan Alexander, Donald M Sell, Lorraine R Sherman, February 15, 1983: US04373519 (648 worldwide citation)

A composite wound dressing, optionally having controlled permeability, is highly absorbent toward blood and exudate and comprises a polytetrafluoroethylene fibril matrix, hydrophilic absorptive particles enmeshed in the matrix, and, optionally, a partially occlusive film coated on one surface of the ...

Sven Olof Enfors: Oxygen stabilized enzyme electrode. Fisher Christen & Sabol, February 15, 1983: US04374013 (320 worldwide citation)

An enzyme electrode based on an oxygen electrode and an oxygen consuming enzyme is described. The oxygen demand of the electrode is satisfied through an electrolytical oxygen production by means of an anode located close to the enzyme and the sensitive surface of the oxygen electrode. The deviation ...

Harold T Markowitz: Marker channel telemetry system for a medical device. Medtronic, Robert C Beck, John L Rooney, Joseph F Breimayer, February 15, 1983: US04374382 (320 worldwide citation)

A marker channel telemetry system for use with a pacemaker or other medical device for transmitting event identifying codes to a remote receiver to indicate the occurrence of specific events such as sensed and paced events in a dual chamber pacemaker. The structure of the system includes latches to ...

Ronald A Schachar: Variable power intraocular lens and method of implanting into the posterior chamber. Ronald A Schachar, February 15, 1983: US04373218 (297 worldwide citation)

A posterior chamber intraocular lens (34) is provided that can be utilized in a human eye. The posterior chamber intraocular lens (34) includes a fluid-expandable sac (40) for containing a fluid (42). The fluid expandable sac (40) includes a lens portion (36) and a valve portion (38) that extends th ...

Richard W Churchill, Don W Hartman, Richard A Howard, Victor Markowicz: Automatic gaming system. Datatrol, Joseph S Iandiorio, February 15, 1983: US04373726 (243 worldwide citation)

An automatic gaming system employing a plurality of gaming cards used by the players including a card dispensing unit having a card reader for reading from a gaming card a coded representation of the gaming indicia format on the card; a storage device; a circuit for verifying a coded representation; ...

James L Cairns: Underwater coaxial connector. Brown & Martin, February 15, 1983: US04373767 (202 worldwide citation)

A plug and socket type electrical connector for connection underwater. The female part of the connector contains a socket element enclosed in a dielectric fluid filled chamber which is sealed by a penetrable seal element. The plug or male part of the connector has an extended contact probe of round ...

Jerome J Klawitter: Heart valves having edge-guided occluders. Hemex, Fitch Even Tabin Flannery & Welsh, February 15, 1983: US04373216 (176 worldwide citation)

Heart valves having valve members which are guided between their open and closed positions by projections extending inward from the annular body and interengaging with complementary notches in the peripheries of the occluders. Protuberances associated with the projections cooperate to define the piv ...


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