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A composition is disclosed which when topically applied is effective in the treatment of acne and skin disorders. While the etiology of the treatment is complex, it is believed that the composition reduces the rate of sebum secretion, inhibits the formation of keratin and fatty acids in the piloseba ...

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A method of forming a hydrophlic coating on a substrate comprised of applying a hydrophilic copolymer capable of chemically reacting with a coupling agent which will promote adhesion to the substrate. A polyisocyanate coupling agent is applied to the surface from a solvent solution followed by apply ...

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A surgical clip applicator includes a forceps and a detachable cartridge containing a string of clips which are fed seriatim between the anvils of the forceps jaws.

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A wire enclosure is disclosed having a wire raceway, a slot communicating with the raceway, and a cover for covering the slot. In one embodiment, the cover is hingedly mounted to one side of the slot and has a flexible seal to seal the cover against the other side of the slot when the cover is close ...

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A method of locating a deep well casing at substantial distances below the earth's surface, and for directing the drilling of a second relief well to intersect the first well at substantial distances below the earth's surface is disclosed. A low frequency alternating electric current flow is produce ...

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An apparatus for the surgical correction of ptosis of the breast and a method of surgery implementing such an apparatus. A ribbon of inert mesh is connected between the mammary gland and the clavicle, or other element of the skeletal structure above the breast, so as to give support to the breast. T ...

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A commercially available resin such as polystyrene is converted into a phthalimidomethyl-resin by treatment with potassium phthalimide. The phthalimidomethyl-resin is converted into an amino resin with hydrazine in ethanol. The amino resin is then combined with an activated ester of a nucleoside to ...

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The calculator is small enough and well protected enough to be carried in the pocket. In addition to a keyboard 28, circuit board 29, batteries 18 and an LCD data display 91, there is a printer comprising a platen 36 which draws paper from a roll in a compartment 101. A thermal printing head 33 is r ...

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A distributed data processing system is disclosed which has truly distributed control. A plurality of bus interface units (BIU) are interconnected by the distributed system data bus (DSDB) which includes a clock line, a serial command line (CMD), a serial bus allocation line (BAL) and a two byte wid ...

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A game apparatus for enabling players present at remote places from each other to easily play the game through a connected common communication network like a telephone line. The game apparatus has functions for detecting and displaying the moved arrangement of a game piece, for transmitting and rec ...