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A computer-controlled medical care system for use in the treatment and diagnosis of patients provides for either automatic or manual control of a wide variety of medical procedures including diagnostic procedures. The system accepts modular vessel structures, each type of structure being adapted for ...

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An electrocautery hemostat is provided which may be used as a hemostatic clamping device and an apparatus for cauterizing bleeding blood vessels during surgery. The electrocautery hemostat is comprised of a pair of pivoted members which form at one end mating jaws for enabling the clamping of a blee ...

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An advanced electronic telecommunication system is provided for the deposit, storage and delivery of audio messages. A Voice Message System (10) interconnects multiple private branch exchanges (12) of a subscriber with a central telephone office (22). Individual subscriber users may access the Voice ...

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A pedometer is disclosed which calculates the distance a user walks, jogs or runs by electronically measuring the length of each stride taken by the user. Stride length is measured using ultrasonic waves. The pedometer comprises an ultrasonic generator module which is strapped to one leg of the user ...

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The invention relates to shaped articles carrying chemicals, particular to pharmaceutical dosage forms carrying pharmaceuticals, which disintegrate rapidly in water. The shaped articles comprise an open matrix network of carrier material carrying the chemical. The articles may be prepared by sublimi ...

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An apparatus for measuring and detecting the pressure in a fluid being injected into a closed system, for instance, fluid being injected into a dilitation catheter, such as a balloon catheter used for the purpose of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty. The apparatus provides a pressure measuring s ...

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One specially designed fixture allows two components such as a microprocessor and its associated ROM to be simultaneously mounted on opposite surfaces of the substrate, with all or nearly all internal connections made through the area of the substrate between the components. A second fixture allows ...

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This invention relates to 4,5-deoxymaytansinoid compounds represented by the formula ##STR1## wherein X is a hydrogen atom or an alkyl or acyl group, Y is a hydrogen or chlorine atom, and R is a hydrogen atom or a carboxylic acid-derived acyl group, and methods of producing the same. The compounds a ...

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In a semiconductor layer of either conductivity type, a central region having a low threshold voltage and side regions having a high threshold voltage are formed between a source regio

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An automatic telephonic message transmission apparatus is disclosed which includes a base station and preferably a remote unit for receiving inputs indicative of various operator emergency conditions and for thereupon automatically sequentially dialing a plurality of preselected telephone numbers, a ...