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A vehicle, especially a trailer vehicle, adapted for conversion between a number of configurations comprises four interconnected wall members (1, 2) upstanding from a load-receiving floor. Posts with sockets (5) are provided at each corner for positioning and securing extension posts (8) which suppo ...

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A mask (20) is disclosed for charging flowable materials into selected cells of a honeycomb structure (21). The mask comprises a solid body having a number of openings (30) extending therethrough which are spaced to coincide with the open ends of the selected cells exposed at the structure's end fac ...

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A diffusion bonding method comprises providing an alloying material at at least one of the joint surfaces of the base metals and heating the joint to cause diffusion and thus bonding. To render this process suitable for heat-resistant superalloys based on Co, Ni, Fe and Ti, there is formed, in advan ...


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An ultrasonic imaging system comprises a transducer array (10) including a plurality of elongated piezoelectric transducers successively arranged along a curved surface for emission of diverging beams of acoustic energy and an acoustic diverging lens affixed to the curved surface for increasing the ...

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A combined clamping and connecting device for moulds of injection moulding machines or the like which comprises a clamping claw (8) which has on one side connections (13) for supply lines (14) and on the other side, in connection therewith, further connections (16) for coupling to mouth connections ...

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1. Copolymers of ethylene and of alpha-olefins comprising at least 4 carbon atoms, having a density lying between 0.905 and 0.940 g/cm**3 and a melt index lying between 0.2 and 2 dg/min., having an average content of alpha-olefin units lying between 1 and 8 mole percent and characterized in that the ...


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A process for the production of a monochlorinated olefin comprises bringing into reaction at an elevated temperature a gaseous mixture comprising an alkane, a source of chlorine and molecular oxygen in the presence of a solid particulate catalyst composition comprising compounds of copper, manganese ...