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An asymmetric, microporous membrane comprising an immobilized biologically active substance and an arrangement comprising such a membrane for the removal of a substance present in a solution. An arrangement comprises a casing (2) enclosing the asymmetric membrane (1, 1 min , 1 sec ), the solution co ...


Reinmueller Heinrich Ing Grad: High density optically readable disc-type information carrier.. Polygram, January 19, 1983: EP0070031-A2 (12 worldwide citation)

The information carrier comprises a transparent carrier plate (1), having a central hole (M), with one side bearing the information, which side hereby exhibits the information in the form of a microstructure coated with a reflecting layer and arranged in a concentric annular area and is covered by a ...

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Zur Reduzierung schwefelhaltiger Ausgasungen in Polyphenylensulfid wird dem Polymer ein thermisch etwa gleich stabiles Polymer mit aminischen Gruppen zugesetzt. Nach der Erfindung wird derselbe Effekt auch durch Einbau geeigneter Grundbausteine in Form eines Copolymeren in die PPS-Kette erzielt. Fer ...

Riss Paul: Package for a stick, in particular body-treatment stick, with a tubular body and an adjusting part.. Plasco, January 19, 1983: EP0070257-A2 (12 worldwide citation)

The rotary part (3a) of a single-part adjusting member (3) is engaged rotatably and axially non-displaceably in the tubular body (1), which is open at both ends, near to one of its end. The rotary part (3a) has a portion (3c), which projects from the tubular body (1) and is manually rotatable, and i ...

Rock Kenneth Edward: Dubbing translating of soundtracks on films. Cross John Lyndon, Rock Kenneth Edward, January 19, 1983: GB2101795-A (12 worldwide citation)

A portion of a speech soundtrack 11 to be translated is displayed on a video screen of a playback unit 1 in synchronisation with lip movements of actors speaking the words with reference to a graphical sound representation histogram 9 produced by a sound conversion section 5 of a computing unit 2. A ...



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A gas meter (11) has an index housing (13) and a magnetic coupling (14, 15) conveying meter rotation to a magnet (18). A reed switch (20) adjacent the magnet produces an electrical output on lines (21). A further reed switch (22) adjacent switch (20) is connected on another output (23) so that if an ...

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Compositions effective for stabilizing halogen-containing polymers against the deteriorative effects of heat comprise 1) at least one zinc mercaptoester, 2) at least one basic inorganic alkali or alkaline earth metal compound, and, optionally, 3) at least one substituted dihydropyridine.