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The press-through packs (PAK) pass through an optoelectrical infrared scanner, which scans all the cups (14a-14d) to check whether they are filled with a tablet (TAB) or empty. Each cup track (15a-15d) is assigned a respective infrared transmitter (17a-17e) and each of these transmitters is assigned ...

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An optical fibre such as might be used for the transmission of data or as a sensor, is formed of substantially torsion-free material which is twisted during drawing to have a rate of twist per unit length greater than the intrinsic birefringence. The material is torsion-free hence avoiding the torsi ...

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Novel carboxylic acid esters of 6-hydroxy-2-benzothia-zolesulfonamide are shown to be useful for the topical treatment of elevated intraocular pressure. Ophthalmic compositions including drops and inserts are also disclosed, as well as methods for preparing the novel compounds.

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1. An oil consisting essentially of oleyl erucylate and/or erucyl oleate, characterized in that it contains erucyl erucylate and/or oleyl oleate, in % by weight : oleyl erucylate and/or erucyl oleate 33 to 76% erucyl erucylate 0 to 18% oleyl oleate 15 to 35%

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1. A process for preparing stable dispersions of cellulose esters in water, characterized in that a mixture comprising a water-soluble resin of the group consisting of polyester resins, acrylic resins and alkyd resins and alpha, beta-ethylenically unsaturated monomers of the group consisting of (A) ...

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A postal envelope having an integral return envelope, has a front panel (4), at least a portion of which can be removed as desired to expose an intermediate panel (9) located behind the front panel. A closure flap (10) is connected to a back panel (1) of the envelope at a foldline (11) and a row of ...

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1. Equipment for the securing of transport carriages (10), such as shopping trolleys, luggage trolleys or the like, which are according to intention to be used individually and on non-use to be settable together into a battery in space-sacing stacking position, with an unlatchable coupling for the f ...

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The apparatus comprises an objective (12) mounted in an objective holder (11) which is movable in accordance with a number of desired degrees of freedom by means of a bearing arrangement and comprises electromagnetic actuator means (83-64) for driving the objective holder in accordance with the desi ...

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Handle the surface of which has been made skin compatible by application thereon of an adhesive layer in which are anchored synthetic fibres (3) having a length of 0.5 mm, said fibres projecting from the layer at right angles thereto.

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A linear saturated crystalline polyester comprising an acid component containing at least 40 mole per cent of terephthalic or isophthalic acid moieties and a dihydric alcohol component containing at least 40 mole per cent of 1,6-hexanediol moieties, and having a number average molecular weight of 70 ...