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In a colour television system the luminance signal is split into high and low frequency components, the high-frequency luminance components are frequency shifted to above the conventional television bandwidth. A conventional receiver uses the low-frequency luminance components (Y1) and the chrominan ...




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A roof ridge structure for a greenhouse or like glazed edifice serves to support the edifice against a supporting wall and to provide ventilation for the interior. The ridge structure comprises a box-like chamber 38 having two vent apertures in series between the interior of the greenhouse and ambie ...

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Bei einem Verfahren zum Aufbringen von Phosphatüberzügen auf Metalloberflächenmittels Phosphatierungslösungen auf Basis Zinkphosphat bringt man die Metalloberflächen mit einer Phosphatierungslösung in Berührung, die 0,5 bis 4 g/l Zn 3 bis 12 g/l PO4, 1,5 bis 7 g/l ClO3 und 1,5 bis 7 g/l wasserlöslic ...


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L'invention a pour objet un ?procédé? de séparation des actinides et des lanthanides présents à l'état trivalent dans une solution aqueuse acide. On met en contact la solution aqueuse acide avec un solvant comprenant un premier extractant constitué par un ligand organique à atome d'azote donneur d'é ...

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A join operation processing system in relational model in which the data base processing mechanism (9) provides at least the maximum/minimum calculation execution means (21), reduction sort execution means (16) and the join operation execution mean (17); and on the occasion of the join operation for ...